Tobio Toshiro's CC Application

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Tobio Toshiro's CC Application

Post  MrWhotehhell on Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:03 am

[Name] Tobio Toshiro

[Key] MrWhotehhell

[Age] 18

[Level of Education] High School

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] Well.. I think 4-6 years

[Previous figure positions] Captain Commander on BLH = Bleach Last Hirozen or however you spell it. Urahara Figure on Bleach: Way of the Soul

Your objectives this wipe : My Objections this wipe are fairly simple. We are to protect the humans. Keep the Quincys under control. Purify hollows and send them to the Soul Society or Hell. We are Shinigami anyway. Our goal is to protect the balance. I plan to make sure I keep Shinigami informed about the hollows and what we the Gotei 13 has learned. I plan to help out with the academy to make sure the students grow strong and become a full fledged shinigami. I plan to remain active and encourage roleplay in the soul society and earth and possibly Hueco Mundo if we ever end up in the place where we may... or MAY NOT die. I also plan to send my shinigami on missions to  encourage them to encourage other races to roleplay.

Week 1 : Week 1's over right? if it  counts though I'll fill it out. I plan to start roleplay with the academy students. By doing it I plan to pick out one and train him myself to become a captain to help me train the students.

Week 1 1/2: I will start graduating Shinigami/ help them make their zanpakuto if they proved to me they learned how to use Shakkahou and Sai.

Week 2 : I will help shinigami get their squads and look among the students and full fledged shinigamis to see who has the potential ( icly = skill and strength. Oocly = who has the right mood as in doesn't argue much and is a good roleplayer who puts work into their words.) to become a Captain. I will also encourage the captains to do the same to pick out captain possibilities and report them to me \and or train a lieutenant\Vice Captain.

Week 3 : I will encourage Captains to assign missions to goto Earth to help with roleplaying. And I will encourage them to pick out potential people to learn the secrets of their Zanpakuto ( Shikai. Potential People = Good roleplayers and they can hear their zanpakuto speak = level 30 )

Week 4a : ( a = no enemys made ) We will continue to do our jobs. Our missions and training. Along with graduation/ academy stuff. No bankai training for non captains\ NonWorthy lieutenants to prevent un needed opness.

Week 4b : ( b = enemies made ) We will train and plan for possibly future events. Bankai training will begin for Worthy rpers + Ooc requirements met. We will keep an eye on our enemy and possibly attack them ourselves.

Final Week : Basicly an extention of Week 4a\4b except for the extention of 41 more people will be able to earn Bankai. I will attempt to plan a final day of the wipe event for the Shinigami/enemy for the extention of 4b path. For the extention of the 4a path I will plan a special end of the wipe day event for the Shinigami. By 4a or 4b path I mean If we encountered 4a in the wipe or we encountered 4b in the wipe on the fourth week of the wipe. This may seem confusing so comment if you need a clearer explanation I will try to reply back Smile.

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