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Fullbring Custom

Post  Ukataki on Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:00 pm

Fullbring Type: Tavren's full bring covers his arms

Elemental Affinity: pocket knife

Pre-Evolved Fullbring Name: Tono Zai
Pre-Evolved Fullbring Appearance: The boy fuses with the pocket knife giving him a full metal body armor.
Pre-Evolved Fullbring Ability: Increased Strength and Speed

Pre-Evolved Fullbring Techniques: limit 6

Technique Name: Boom
Technique Description: This technique is within another technique what I mean by this is Tavren uses the technique "High-Speed Movement" (( Fullbringers can induce states of high-speed movement through Fullbring. Such movements are accompanied by the flickering of a green luminescence called Bringer Light )) to get behind his opponent then uses the high speed movement technique to throws a super fast and strong punch to the back of the neck

Evolved Fullbring

Evolved Fullbring Name: Razo Tono Keshiro
Evolved Fullbring Appearance: Like his pre-evolved state, Tavren;s body becomes coated with metal armor, but on covering all of each arm is a giant metal razor cone with the point part where his hands were and the flat part to his shoulders.
Evolved Fullbring Ability: Can Control Metal

Evolved Fullbring Techniques: limit 6

Technique Name: Metal barrage
Technique Description: Tavren's metal cones shatter into a million specs of metal that are pure razor sharp, He controls them with his hands (( Similar to Byakua's Zanpaktou. )) and either attacks or guards himself.

Technique Name: Metal Clone
Technique Description: With extreme speed Tavren dodges a opponents attack, as the opponents hits a metal clone. This doesn't always work, if the opponent is faster the technique will fail.

Technique Name: Metal Spears
Technique Description: This technique can only be used while the Metal Barrage is in action. The user forms metal spears all around him and can either grab on or send them all flying towards his opponent.

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