Zampakutou of Kenoshi Toshiro - The Green Wind

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Zampakutou of Kenoshi Toshiro - The Green Wind

Post  Kenoshi on Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:42 pm

Shikai name:  Fūten (Celestial Wind)

Shikai Call:  As Fast as the wind, you shall rise, !!!

Zanpaktou Type: Wind & Speed

Bankai:  Shukufuku sa reta fū ryū (Wind Blessed Dragon)

Zanpakatou Spirit:

Fūten is a green creature with 2 meters high, made of leaves and wind power, use no clothes, just leaves, with humam form.

Shikai Description:

When the shikai gets in effect, the blade disappears and it becomes an wind-made blade, and it boosts the reaitsu of the user, making him faster and an aura of wind gets around him, deflecting low-level kidous or projectiles.
Image of the looking :

[spoiler][Only admins are allowed to see this image][/spoiler]

Shikai Abilities:

The shikai has no abilities, but it makes the user faster and it cuts more than a normal blade, it can also cut another blades.

Shikai Weaknesses:
Fire or stronger wind.

Bankai Description: 
Continues like the shikai form, but the aura of wind around the user is more and stronger.

Bankai Abilities:

Wind Ballz : This ability makes the user of the bankai, able to spit out wind, and turn it on a huge or small wind ball that can be throwed at the opponent.

Wind Dome : Makes wind move really fast around the user, protecting him from close-range combat( would throw enemy away), and deflect small projetiles

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Re: Zampakutou of Kenoshi Toshiro - The Green Wind

Post  MasterSpectra on Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:35 pm


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