Custom Race half Fullbring/Shinigami

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Custom Race half Fullbring/Shinigami

Post  Tavren on Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:22 pm

Tavren was born in the real world with always a weird sense something was wrong with him. He never did worry about this strange feeling though. Then when his mother and father were devoured which left Tavren to fend for himself, his power inside grew. Once Tavren died of hunger, he was accepted into the Shinigami academy and then was offered Lt of Squad 1. Tavren has been working hard for that moment and will strive to be stronger then ever before. One night the boy came across a man whom said to him about fullbringers, The kid became interested and went along with him. The Soul Society posted him as Missing and sent search teams to find him. Weeks passed and no sign of him, they all thought he was dead. The young shinigami returned one day, with a huge speed, strength, and power change. Everyone questioned him but he never answered, the head Captain didnt see it as a problem so he left it be

Fighting Style:  Melee and far ranged

Object of Affinity: A Tree Tavren always visted

Affiliation: Soul Soceity

Fullbring Type: Tavren is a fullbring that covers the users body.

Elemental Affinity: Plant minipulation

Personal Abilities:

Name: Amazing Sensing abilties 
Effect: The boy is able to sense from a far distance

Name: High Smarts
Effect: The boy is able to figure out fighting situations extremely quickly

Name: Speed
Effect: The kid was born with a high amount of stamina and a high amoun of speed

General Techniques:

Technique Name: 10 Blade strike
Technique Description: Tavren charges all his speed, strength, and power for this technique. Its a melee technique and what it does is. The user bolts at the opponent and uses one blade strike anywhere on the opponent's body. If the opponent is still standing Tavren uses the second blade strike anywhere to the body. Each strike is stronger then the other. At the end of the 10 Blade strike, the boy drops to his knees of extreme loss of energy. This technique is more of a last resort

Pre-Evolved Fullbring Name: Zenkai Shishu
Pre-Evolved Fullbring Appearance: The Pre Envoled Fullbring of Tavren is quite simple, The boy fuses with the Plants around him and gains a tight armor around his whole body.
Pre-Evolved Fullbring Ability: Tavren can use all the plants around him, also his speed, strength, and power increases a bit.

Pre-Evolved Fullbring Techniques: 

Technique Name:  Vine Ambush
Technique Description: Tavren Gather Vines from all directions and the shoot  towards the opponent

Technique Name: Wooden Spears
Technique Description: Tavren summons Wooden  spears, these spears float all around Tavren, weither he grabs one and uses it, sends them all flying and uses them to guard

Technique Name: In-Cave
Technique Description: Tavren makes the ground  all around his opponent cave in.

Evolved Fullbring

Evolved Fullbring Name: Zoten Zakara
Evolved Fullbring Appearance: Tavren's arms grow a sharp wood  like shaping all around them both. He grows a mask and his body forms huge and thick armor.
Evolved Fullbring Ability: Tavren can use the plants around him, also his speed, strength, and power increase even more.
Evolved Fullbring Techniques:

Technique Name: Leave Barrage
Technique Description: Tavren summons razor sharp Leaves all around him and guides them where to go

Technique Name: Wooden Clone
Technique Description: With extreme speed Tavren dodges a opponents attacks, as the opponents hits a wooden clone. This doesnt always work, if the opponent is faster the technique will fail.

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