Kage ōkami [Akira's Custom Ress]

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Kage ōkami [Akira's Custom Ress]

Post  BlackBeridian on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:43 pm

Zanpakuto name: Kage Okami

Zanpakuto Call: Hunt, Kage Okami!

Zanpakuto Type: Close range, Darkness

Ressurection Appearance: Akira's body warps into a more wolf-en form, much like a werewolf  Fur sprouts on his body making the transformation more wolf like. His face warps into a canine form, taking on a dog like facial appearance completely. 

His hollow mask forms back around his face, but its now like the skull of a Canine. The jaw line of the skull comes just under his eye and canine teeth produce from there, covering his face down to his own canine mouth. His ears also take a more canine shape. 

His Zanpakuto is still held in his hands but it too has taken a new form. The base of the hilt is a bushed out wolfs tail and as it continues down it looks more wolf like, the legs folded to the side of the body giving finger grips and the head being the start of the blade. The blade is slightly curved and also serrated, each serrated spike is in the shape of a wolfs fangs.

Ressurection Abilities: 

Yaban Ka Ma [Savage Bite]
Once Akira's Sword pierces the skin it slows healing of the open wound and also digs deeper into the skin than a normal sword would. This grants him a great sword power boost. 

Fukusu Okami Tsume [Multiple Wolf Claws]
Whilst in ressurection, Akira has the abbility to split his spiritual power in order to create more than one copy himself. Each copy attacks simultaneously to inflict greater damage in a short space of time.-Weakness: Leaves Akira's spiritual power down for a turn or two after cool down of this attack. 

Kiiro No Me [Yellow eyes] 
Anyone trapped in Akira's chaotic stare is stunned/Paralyzed for one turn. 

Ressuretion Passives:

Increased Sword Skill: 
In his Ressurection Akira's sword skill and Power is greatly increased. 

Increased Heirro:
In his Ressurection his Hierro durability is greatly increased, along with his endurance. 

Increased Agility: 
In his Ressurection Akira's Agility and Reaction time are greatly increased. 

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Re: Kage ōkami [Akira's Custom Ress]

Post  MasterSpectra on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:54 pm


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