Hyugeshi Tenzokuna

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Hyugeshi Tenzokuna

Post  Tavren on Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:36 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Hageshii Ryu (( Lava Sonic Bomb ))

Zanpakutou Call: Pass Judgement 

Bankai Name:Tenzentusi Hyugeshi

Zanpakutou Type: Fire and Sound

Sealed: Standard katana. The tsuba is shaped like two arrows arranged tail-to-tail, with two flame motifs along either side. The hilt wrap is a bright scarlet red, as is the sheath. Worn on the left hip with the blade facing up.

Shikai:Visually, Hageshii Ryu does not really change much. The only noticeable difference is in the flames on the tsuba, which now seem to glow faintly as though recently branded

Shikai Release Phrase: "Burn away the sky!"

Shikai Special Abilities:

Ablilty 1: Hageshii Ryu in its shikai state has the ability of Heavenly Combustion. The blade acts similarly to a strike-anywhere match; contact and friction with most surfaces will create sparks. Hageshii Ryu can manipulate how thin the air is anywhere within a 500 yard radius (though accuracy decreases over this range), raising the density to a level at which it becomes a volatile and flammable oxidizer. This ability can be used to create narrow pathways of oxygen through which Hageshii Ryu and its Shinigami can direct the ensuing flame that blossoms from the spark. The flames and explosions created can range from small and precise to large and devastating. Yes; this sword's shikai is essentially Roy Mustang.

Ability 2: Hageshii Ryu begins to what it looks like being swung around in the air doing noting but what it is doing is creating sound waves that will form around the Shinigami as a sheild

Achieved yet?: Yes
Bankai: Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami ("Great Sun God of Violent Dragon")

Bankai Release: On the syllable of "Ban-" Hageshii Ryu is brought up in front of the Shinigami, parallel to the ground, with the tip pointing to the left and the blade facing straight up. The Shinigami's left (gloved) palm rests on the flat edge of the blade, near the tsuba. Between syllables the Shinigami snaps his right hand forward, such that the blade of the sword is now facing out and the Shinigami's left palm is now resting on the back of the blade. On the syllable of "-Kai!" the sword is swiftly pulled to the right as the left hand is simultaneously swept to the left; raking the Shinigami's left hand across the back of the blade. The sword is consumed in sparks and fire; literally. It dissolves into flame following the movement of the hand (with the handle burning up near the end of the movement).

Bankai Special Abilities:

Bankai Stage 1: Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami: Taiyohebi ("Great Sun God of Violent Dragon: Serpent of the Sun")

Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami's first stage is a summoning-type zanpakuto; the flames created by activating Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami coalesce into the semi-solid form of large dragon. Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami has both a mind of its own and can be controlled by its Shinigami either through spoken word, gesture, or thought. The dragon is able to reform and shift its body constantly, turning its fiery form into flamethrowers, shields, or walls as needed. It can also attack physically, raking opponents with fiery claws or pounding them with its near molten tail.

Ability 1: Amaterasu no Ken ("Sword of Amaterasu", Lit. "Sword of She Who Shines in Heaven")

Not strictly a stage, Amaterasu no Ken is an ability which allows the Shinigami to reform the flames of Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami into glowing red/orange blades, formed from extremely dense flame and reiatsu. These blades allow the Shinigami to engage in melee combat while Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami: Taiyohebi is active. The blades do not burn the Shinigami, but will set fire and burn any appropriate item which contacts them. Additionally, the blades can be broken down back into flames at any time, which can be used both offensively and defensively. Multiple blades can be forged at once; the current limit is six at a time.

Ability 2: Choshinsei ("Supernova")

Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami: Taiyohebi can literally be detonated, creating a great and fiery explosion with the destructive power to level a town. Afterwards Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami is almost useless and must be reformed. However, the flames left over from this attack can still be used to activate the bankai's second stage (though at a noticeably reduced strength).

Ability 3: The Shinigami stabs his sword into the ground as it creates a sound wave dome around him and his opponent. If the opponent tries to get out since the dome is made out of sound waves, the opponents will be effect alot by the sound waves causing his ears to bleed and his brain to rupture. Also swarming around in the dome are small sound waves that if they hit the opponent it will disrupt their feeling, touch, smell and taste to about 25% and hurt them internally

Bankai Stage 2: Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami: Taiyoyoroinensho ("Great Sun God of Violent Dragon: Burning Armor of the Sun")

The flames of Hageshii Ryu-omitaiyokami come together and form around the body of the Shinigami, wreathing him in a suit of red reiatsu and flame. Additionally, the Shinigami gains wings capable of sustaining him in true flight.
Staying in this form is harmful to the Shinigami; while initially the form is not harmful prolonged exposure will being to burn the Shinigami's own skin, and it would be possible for him to be burned alive by his own ability. While in this form the Shinigami gains massive increases to speed and power. He is able to create and manipulate the swords of flame and reiatsu as seen in the bankai's earlier stage, and he can wield and manipulate bursts and blasts of fire. The armor offers additional protection, both in the form of absorbing blows and due to its great heat, which forms a sort of shield around the Shinigami to absorb some energy projectiles or burn those who stray too close.
The Shinigami can stay in this form for approximately 1 minute before the flames of the armor begin to burn him seriously. Exposure beyond 5 minutes can be permanently damaging, and beyond 10 can be fatal. Like the dragon, this form too can undergo Choshinsei , though the process is surely 100% fatal for the Shinigami.

Ability 2: As the dome is up this is a part two to Tavren's ability 3 form bankai stage 1. What this ability does is it begins to create an illusion to which his opponent thinks the user is faster then it looks leaving the opponent easy to attack.

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Re: Hyugeshi Tenzokuna

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