Custom Fullbring

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Custom Fullbring

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:29 pm

Fullbring Name: - None -

Type: Dark Matter Manipulation.

Sealed Appearance:

A strange pitch-black purple jewel- pendant necklace which is usually hanging around his neck.

Fullbring Appearance

First Form: Pitch-black purple matter that covers his hands.

Second Form: The very same dark matter would appear to expand and cover his arms.

Third Form: Now the expansion has gone further, appearingly consuming his whole body over time.

Fullbring Powers

First Form: In his first form, his manipulation over the dark matter is limited as he may only release small dark aura slashes that may cut through solid objects.

Second Form: His manipulation over dark matter is improved, dark matter projections and shots are added.

+ Dark Matter projections - He may sharpen the dark matter into various objects spears for example to send them flying at his opponents with deadly accuracy, power and speed.

+ Dark Matter shots - He may also shoot dark matter beams and blasts.

Third Form: In this form, his abilities are all improved. He may also generate a massive vortex of dark matter in order to create a large double-edged spear which would serve as his sole weapon.

+ Dark Spear - To form this weapon of corruption, he must say "Give me your true power!" after what sky would rumble to create black lightning that would strike down upon his arm, creating the Dark Spear. Generating this spear will shut down all his previous abilities but will increase his physical attributes by far aswell as endurance, making him a very powerful individual that similar to a Arrancar. Although using Dark Spear too much will make him end up being consumed by his own hollow powers and thus lose sanity.

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Re: Custom Fullbring

Post  MasterSpectra on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:25 pm


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