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Post  Laucaei on Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:13 pm

Majorly WIP, especially Form Three. Probably will rework it entirely when I have the time, but regardless I won't be using it any time soon.
'Ere we go.

Fullbring Name:
Sons Of Plunder
Sealed Appearance:
Two pairs of dog tags, a keep-sake of his father's and his own from his service during the war. Curiously, they both seem to be in similar condition and are almost indistinguishable as they hang from his neck.
First Form Appearance:
Elias rips the dog tags from his neck; one in each hand, severing their chains and producing the traditional green and white Bringer Light whilst calling their name. The tags transmute into a pair of forearm high gauntlets and foreleg high greaves, both chittinous and bone-like akin to a typical hollow mask yet a deep grey in tone.
Second Form Appearance:
The pieces of armour flare up in the Bringer Light once more, this time glowing and brimming with energy as they stretch up to Elias' thighs and shoulders. As they begin to materalise, a giant, green mass of reishi-infused lace is conjured, wrapping around the upper torso entirely, giving Elias the appearance of a puppet as the remnants of the lace dangle loosly behind his back. This is all in order to bind them together and complete the seemingly final form.
Third Form Appearance:
Elias is swallowed into a sickeningly dark, emerald-green aura of reishi that obscures his form during transformation. Upon completion, he is revealed with a full adournment of an ash-grey, hollow-like exoskeleton which is enunciated with a long, black undercoat. His face is completely concealed by a grotesque skull with multiple protrusions and horns along the length of the chin up to the forehead. The only indication that he is still human is his pale blue eyes peering from within the skull's hollow eyesockets and his tuft of whitening hair bristling on the back of his head, both of which seem that they will fade in time.
First Form Abilities:
--- Guarded (Passive) – Elias may parry swords or other sharp objects with his hands and feet. ---
This does not apply to other parts of the body like an Arrancar's hierro.
--- Stricken (Active) – Elias may spend a round to knock an opponent's weapon out of their hand with a reshi-enfused blow, leaving them open to attack the following turn. ---

This may only be used against one target at a time.
If the opponent is 6 RP levels or more lower, this skill will always have an effect.

If the opponent is 1-5 RP levels lower, this skill may have an effect.

If the opponent's RP level is equal or greater, this skill has no effect.

This does not apply to Quincy bows due to their nigh intangible nature and usage of a focus.

Second Form Abilities:
--- All previous abilities. ---

--- I'm Alive (Passive) – Elias' body is unable to feel pain or be immobalised through physical means such as broken bones and crushed organs due to the vast amount of strings tightening and supporting his body. ---

Dismemberment and blood loss can still cause death.

Upon reverting the Second Form, if this passive takes effect Elias will be extremely vunerable and will require immediate aid through conventional or spiritual means of healing.

--- Ten Thousand Fists (Active) – Elias gathers and unleashes tremendous quantity of jade-green reishi around his entire body, almost mimicking a Shunkou-like aura. ---

Elias gains 3 rounds of 7-10 passive level Hirenkyaku speed.

After the 3 rounds are over, Elias can no longer Bringer Light for the rest of the match. This includes ''floating'' in the air or stopping himself from being sent flying from a blow.

May only be used once per match.

Third Form Abilities:
--- All previous abilities.

--- This form cannot be mastered in any way, and must be treated as a "Final Form".

--- Decadence (Passive) – Each round, Elias taps into the depth of his hollow-based powers, trading his very own sanity for excessive power.
Each successive round, Elias gains an additional 1 RP level. Caps at 5.

After round 5, Elias may not engage in logical or strategic thought; he practically becomes a feral hollow. He is driven by pure instinct and is unable to block nor dodge due to his pure anger and lust for violence.

Elias gains High Speed Regeneration 5 like a Hollow, meaning he can instantly regenerate all wounds once per match.

Elias may not revert from this mode. He must be either knocked out, killed or otherwise subduded in order to revert. Once reverted, Elias cannot fight for one OOC week.

Elias must attack all players he can see, friend or foe.

--- Just Stop (Active) – Elias lets out an agonising screech, bringing a sense of heartfelt pity to those around him.

Must be activated after round 10 of Decadence.

Effects all players within a standard screen size.

Fullbringers, Shinigami and Quincy gain 10 RP levels whilst engaging in combat with Elias.

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