Akira's Aizen Application.

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Akira's Aizen Application.

Post  BlackBeridian on Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:21 pm

Akira De-Yaru
[Level of Education]
Currently In college.
[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]
[Previous figure positions]
Captain Commander, Hollow King(on Another game)
Aizen, Shinji(Vaizard leader), Vandereich Leader. Sub figure count to me also
Senior Captain on various occasions. 
Your objectives this wipe : 
My objectives are to try and groom some of the hollow RPers for future figures(OOC goal)
Aswell as my IC goals of bringing about the seventh cirlce of hell. A Place where the old ones reside. The old ones being old Hollows that have retired from the game of hunting and decided to do more demonic acts like raise the new Hollow to be even more blood thirsty. 

Id also like some form of conflict to be going on against the Shinigami and also between the Hollow themselves fighting for power and what not. So Id be stirring it up alot there.

My main plot however is to resurect the old ones and bring them back to full fighting form, using the power of souls to do so. 

Week 1 :Establish a team of Hollow who are willing to follow me.

Week 2 : Train the Hollow to how id like them (get them all RP ready ) Spark RP on earth alot more by involving the Hollows in a few things. Id like to try and convince the Hollow to try and work along side other races to take down the Shinigami and also use them to gather souls and other created items that I will make up for the wipe. 

Week 3 : Evolve the Hollow into Arrancar. Try and gain the humans trust and get them to help the Arrancar and myself take down the Shinigami. Aswell as convince the Humans that brining back the old ones would benefit them.

Week 4 : Train the new Arrancar in the ways of the Arrancar and RP with them for ress. Also allow them to venture to earth and other places to spark up some RP. 

Final Week : Release my final plan and bring reign and destruction down upon the Shinigami. Trying to bring around the seventh circle of hell where Hollow and Arrancar reign supreme over all.  Release the item and see if it allowed the Old ones to be brought back, in which case the Arrancar will become the old ones/Be possed by them and try and destroy the world. Bringing about the apocalypse.

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