Dovian Chrome's Custom Zanpakuto - Shikai and Bankai

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Dovian Chrome's Custom Zanpakuto - Shikai and Bankai

Post  EvolutionMe on Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:51 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Sanmiittai (さんみいったい,  The Trinity)

Zanpakutou Call: "Let The God's Run Free" and "May The Titans Rule"

Bankai Name: Sanmiittai Ninaruichi (さんみいったいになるいち, lit. The Trinity Becomes One)

Zanpakutou Type: Supplementary.

Shikai description: Dovian's first Shikai form is released with the phrase Let the God’s Run Free, and is given the self-dubbed nickname Mihashiranokami (みはしらのかみ, lit. Three Gods). In terms of shape and design, Dovian can have three distinct and very different forms that he can wield. The first is that of a hawthorn staff with a worn appearance slightly larger than Dovian's full height and is used predominately for defense or when facing more than one opponent. The top and bottom of the weapon are decorated with steel ends for added force when a blow is dealt and the wood making up its shaft has been noted to be extremely resilient against attacks; being fit to block other zanpakutō without being cut or broken in any way. About halfway up the staff’s length, the word Kousei (こうせい, Justice) is clearly visible. The second weapon is that of a trident with an aqua-marine shaft and a steel weight at the end to add balance and counter the weight of the tridents three prongs. Blade-wise, the tridents three pointed prongs are incredibly sharp and deadly and can easily be used to disarm swordsman and maintain a relatively safe distance to strike from. Dovian often uses this trident in a manner similar to his usage of the hawthorn staff, though his form is much more aggressive than the defensive form used with the hawthorn staff. Like the staff, the word Yousha (ようしゃ,Mercy) is labelled just below the three prongs, engraved into the steel. The third and final form Dovian can make use of is that of an average hand-and-a-half-sword approximately 4.5ft long in length and incredibly sharp. The weapon is plain with no notable decoration, though the upper section of the hilt is black leather while the lower half is colored metallic silver with the word Adauchi (あだうち, Vengeance) cut into the hilt, resting against the palm of Dovian’s hand when he wields it. These three forms can be shifted through at will, though the destruction and reconstruction takes a timespan of approximately five seconds. Dovian commonly employs the trident in battle, alongside the water-related abilities it empowers.

Shikai Abilities:
Sanmiittai, in terms of powers and abilities it is quite unique in that it offers three distinct forces Dovian can control at a whim. These include lightning, much like that of his previous zanpakutō Aoi Inazuma, the forces of water and those of darkness. Dovian compares his zanpakutō's power to that of the Greek Gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, because he can control the lightning of Zeus, the water of Poseidon and darkness which is often attributed to Hades as the God of the Underworld. Although he has access to all his Shikai abilities regardless of what one of the three forms his Shikai takes, the strength of each force at his command is increased drastically should he use the weapon designated to each individual force. The hawthorn staff’s nature is attuned to the force of lightning, the trident to that of water and the hand-and-a-half-sword to that of darkness. Dovian commonly employs the trident in battle, alongside the water-related abilities it empowers. 

  • Instantaneous Kokunagare: (こくながれ, lit. Cutting Flow) A highly pressurized jet of water that can be fired from the tip of Dovian's Shikai state simply by concentrating spiritual energy and projecting it in a pressurized form. 

Surītaitanzu (スリータイタンズ, lit. Three Titans) is the self-dubbed nickname of Sanmiittai's second Shikai, released with the command May The Titans Rule. Unlike Sanmiittai's first Shikai, which offers Dovian a total of three different weapons, Surītaitanzu is not as generous. Instead, Dovian's swords meld together and form a cruelly shaped sickle blade as tall as Dovian is himself. The scythe bears a silver coloration with a long and slender shaft, with a coiled wire-like base and several other wire-like extensions leaving the back of the scythes blade. The shaft also appears to be crafted from wood, judging from the various groves, ridges running along its length and the not entirely straight shaft of the weapon. Like the first Shikai release, Surītaitanzu has wording engraved onto the wooden shaft of the scythe, reading Bachi (ばち, lit. Retribution).

The second release of Sanmiittai offers Dovian powers over the sky and earth, which he compares to three titans who feature in Greek Mythology, the titans being Uranus, Gaia and Cronus; whose power of the sky and earth are well known, though the powers likened to Cronus are represented more directly in the form Sanmiittai takes as a weapon and not as abilities.

  • Dobei: (どべい, lit. Earthen Wall) After slamming the end of his scythe into the ground, a wall of thick earth will rise quickly to form a shield in front of him. The shield is strengthened by Dovian's spiritual power, making its strength proportionate to the levels of spiritual energy used to create it.

Passives - Enhanced Speed and Strength. There is also a General Shunpo boost. Enhanced Spiritual Pressure.

Bankai description: Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei (さんみいったい生活新生, Japanese for The Trinity Life and Rebirth) is the Bankai of Dovian Hiroshi's zanpakutō, Sanmiittai. This is either achieved by means ofJinzen, or whenever Dovian utilizes Sanmiittai Ninaruichi (さんみいったいになるいち, Japanese for The Trinity Becomes One) in his Bankai state. Unlike his Shikai self, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei portrays himself as a violent and spiteful figure, though his sense of sarcasm remains unchanged. He also prefers going by his Shikai name of Sanmiittai, as he finds his full name rather troublesome to repeat and hear repeated.

Sanmiittai no Dākubēru: (さんみいったいのダークベール, Japanese for The Trinity's Dark Veil) Dovian's favorite Bankai ability. It allows him to instantaneously travel short distances as long as there is sufficient amounts of darkness to cover his entire body, making this attack incredibly effective at night or within a building with few lights as the spirit can effectively move around the entire battlefield in the blink of an eye and be fit to launch an attack from anywhere.

Sanmiittai no Tsubasa Shainingu: (さんみいったいの翼シャイニング, Japanese for The Trinity's Shining Blade) An ability that causes Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's nodachi to be overcome with a bright white light that covers the entire blade. This shroud allows his strikes to sever forces, as the energy vibrates at a rate higher than that of a Seele Schneider; though once the sword actually succeeds in cutting something, the energy coating the nodachi then pulsates. This event causes some of the energy to enter the opponent’s body, mixing with that of an opponent, causing them a large degree of pain.

Passives - Enhanced Speed and Strength. There is also a General Shunpo boost. Enhanced Spiritual Pressure and Enhanced Durability.

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Re: Dovian Chrome's Custom Zanpakuto - Shikai and Bankai

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