Shinigami Rules 6/21/2013

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Shinigami Rules 6/21/2013

Post  EvolutionMe on Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:48 pm

General rules:

1 - Show respect to those superior to you in rank.
2 - Obey any orders given to you from your superiors.
3 - Do not leave your missions/tasks unfinished, unless no other option is possible.
4 - Do not leave Soul Society, unless you're ordered or has permission from a Captain. This does not apply to cases of war and emergencies.
5 - Do not fight eachother, a spar is, however, allowed if both parties agrees. Using real Zanpakutos or any other lethal weapons, requires at the very least a lieutenant's presence.
6 - Do not release your Bankai inside Soul Society, unless permission has been given.
7 - Do not steal from eachother.
8 - Do not threaten/blackmail eachother.
9 - Once graduated, you are to -NOT- act until you've been assigned to a Squad.
10 - Your sword -cannot- speak to you, until you reach level 30.
11 - Shikai is obtained at Ingame Level 30 and Bankai at Ingame Level 50.
12 - You do not insta-learn Kido, you have to be taught or invent them.
13 - Inventing Kido requires 10 passive points in the desired type.
14 - To apply for a Captain rank, RP level 15 is required.
15 - To apply for a lieutenant rank, RP level 10 and the Captain's permission is required.
16 - You can only learn Shunpo by reaching RP level 7 or RPing with any Captains.

Captain rules:

1- Take your duty to guide, teach and train Trainees extremely serious, no slacking.
2 - Host a lesson whenever you have time on your hand.
3 - All General rules applies to Captains aswell, albeit your authority allows you to bypass some if needed.
4 - The Captain Commander is allowed to change rules at will, though with some limitations.
5 - You do not have the right to assign Shinigamis to a mission, unless another Captain approves of it aswell. This does not count in cases of war and emergencies.
6 - Do not "harras" those inferior in rank.
7 - Do not abuse your authority.
8 - Do -not- fight, spar or even hurt anyone inferior in rank. This doesn't apply to those hostile to you, and those you train personally. (A personal student.)

Trainee Rules:

1 - Do not ask for classes, they will be held once a Captain has time.
2 - To graduate you have to manifest your Zanpakuto, while being able to perform Sai and Shakkahō. (Meaning you need 1 point in Bakudo and 3 in Kido. This is to ensure no Shinigami goes around with 0 point in Kido and Bakudo.)
3 - You do -not- know how to manifest your Zanpakuto, or how to utilize Kido, until a Captain has explained to you how.
4 - General rules applies to you aswell.

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