Killer mark's[Kilo Toshiro] custom zanpaktou

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Killer mark's[Kilo Toshiro] custom zanpaktou

Post  Killer Mark on Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:46 pm

Shikai name: Kami rai (divine lightning).

Shikai Call: Ascend to heavens and strike them down,

Zanpaktou Type: Lightning.

Bankai: Oni Doragon Rai (Demon Dragon lightning).

Zanpaktou Spirit:
Kami Rai looks like a normal person wearing a long black robe with a silver x on the back. Their eyes are almost never open. 's cocky, loves to fight and likes being treated as a weapon. It is foretold that

Shikai Description:

Once Kilo Releases his shikai, it transforms into dual windmill blades [like Hisagi's zanpakuto]. The blades including the chain are covered in pure lighting, protecting the users arms up to the shoulders. With lighting engulfing the user's arms it acts like armor protecting against: any physical contact and most low level kidos from 1 up to 35.

Shikai Abilities:

"Doragon Hoezru Rai" (Dragon Howler Lightning) - By utilizing this ability, the user is capable of paralyzing his targets limbs upon cutting them, the paralyze lasts for 20 seconds. The second perk of this skill is ability to release slashes of lightning, that are mostly based on speed and sheer force. These slashes of lightning can either paralyze or cut it's victims. The duration of paralyze depends on how much force was put into the slash. The last perk of this skill is ability to absorb any lightning based attacks and also natural lightning thad could be found making its way out of the clouds during the storms. Absorbing lightning from another sources would bolster up user's own abilities, depending on how much lightning was absorbed.

Shikai Weaknesses:
If user is cut, the lighting on his arms and shikai form fades leaving him powerless for ten seconds as thats the timer of his recharge. This zanpakuto is rather hard to master.

Bankai Description:
Bankai is way diffrent it tranforms back into a normal zanpaktou. The user top clothing rips off leaving nothing but the bottom afterwards the blade and user himself are covered in pure lighting that acts as clad-armor.

Bankai Abilities:

Lightning Augment: The user can channel the lightning armor into limbs or another parts of his body just like reiatsu to improve his overall speed and force, such as attack speed, movement speed and sheer force. Once this ability is triggered the lighting armor does not cover other parts of his body, thus leaving him defenceless.

"Doragon Tsuki Rai Todoroki" (Dragon moon lighting roar) - This ability appears as a wide dark-blue beam of light filled with the user's lightning that would be capable of covering a original football field in width. It cannot be controlled unless mastered and its extra radius of damage is two meters. Its speed and power is greater than a Gran Rey Cero by fair amount, could be compared to Cero Oscuras. Once this ability is used, the user is completely defenceless and unable to use it again. Although all other abilities will eventually return in two RP turns. Upon mastering bankai, the user will have choice of to launch off similar but weaker version of this ability that would allow to use it more than once.
Killer Mark
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Re: Killer mark's[Kilo Toshiro] custom zanpaktou

Post  MasterSpectra on Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:02 pm

"With lighting engulfing the user's arms it acts like armor protecting against: any physical contact" - No. Any physical contact? No.

"the paralyze lasts for 20 seconds" - Too long, maximum of ~1-3 seconds, being nullified if someone is much stronger than you.

Otherwise, approved.

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