Sabrina's (Devoin) Captain Commander App.

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Sabrina's (Devoin) Captain Commander App.

Post  Raden on Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:41 pm

[Name]: Toyoyuki 'A' Sabrina

[Key] :  Devoin

[Age] 17

[Level of Education] High School

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 3 years? Since around the time Jin was Wipe Leader and Aizen a few times.

[Previous figure positions] Senior Captain/Captain, Espada , Quincy Helper.

Your objectives this wipe : My objectives this wipe would be to raise the Seireitei to become a powerful well organized force. I would have a few noble families within the Seireitei maximum being four. Consisting of the Toyoyuki Household, the Akita Household, the Ryoudoji Household, and the Gurkha Household. These Household's shall have head of the families, and be structured around a squad. These four squads shall be my initial four barracks that will be opened, unless the player-base shall demand the need for more squads being opened. Bankai shall be taught and achieved only by the CC. However Shikai can be taught by me or the SC's or any Captain who was taught from one of us.

My CC shall be strict specifically on formalities. Not to mention being particularly strict on captains and vice-captains leaving the Seireitei without my permission. Being one that worries about the balance of things, she'll incorporate a system where when engaging an opponent whether it be from an enemy race or a traitor the main priority of the shinigami would be to defeat and detain them. Meetings will most likly be regular and I shall do a few trainning excercises amongst the squads.

As the roleplay progresses and opens up, I shall plan more depending on how the story will play out.

Week 1 : I shall appoint a Senior Captain or two, that will have to choose to be the head of an household listed above. (Toyoyuki being headed by me). These house-holds shall be tasked with bringing in at least one or two shinigami's or souls within there family. I'll also be training a few trainee's whom I deem worthy as well as assigning specific tasks for each squad and family.

Week 2 : At this point I shall make it mandatory for each squad already formed to have picked an lieutenant, to allow role-play for the lower ranks. I'll also send a shinigami or two to outreach to the humans to monitor the world of the living. (maybe a event or two that's created from myself, possibly with help of admin or not for the Seireitei)

Week 3 : Depending on how the other figures progress and roleplay I might declare war upon a certain race. Prior to the wipe we'd already have a dislike for Quincy and spiritually aware humans. Not to mention the obvious conflict engaged with hollow. I might task a captain and or a special task force to invade Hunco Mundo, or defend Earth against Hollows, while eradicating quincies if things get out of hand.

Week 4 : At this point I shall do a massive recall of all Shinigami to get an assessment of Soul Society's current power as well as plot out my next moves. (Another set of events or two if the story allows for such things to happen).

Final Week : Given how the other figures play there cards I would either join forces with a faction for the utter elimination of the Aizen figure and his lackies or declare war upon them. They'll be either with us or against us. There won't be no neutral by-standers allowed. (Might be how the CC reacts to most neutral factions or by-standers throughout the wipe.)

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