EvolutionMe - Dovian's Captain Commander Application

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EvolutionMe - Dovian's Captain Commander Application

Post  EvolutionMe on Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:23 pm

[Name] Dovian

[Key] EvolutionMe

[Age] 15

[Level of Education] Year 10

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] Honestly, I have only had about a few weeks worth of RP on Bleach games but I am fairly decent at RP. Hopefully, I will be able to pick it up quickly, I already know the basics from reading the guide and such on the game, so I should be fairly good at it.

[Previous figure positions] I have had no figure positions in the past on a Bleach game, but I have had various ranks in various RP games. I am good at taking charge and I'm very active.

Your objectives this wipe : My goals this wipe are fairly simple. I aim to establish a new age for the Soul Society, a stronger more organised age. I wish to keep the Hollows at a considerably low amount, plus I aim to keep an eye on the Quincy's, as they have a habit for destroying hollows. Shinigami will be on patrol, performing soul burials and sending various Plus to either the Soul Society or Hell, depending on how they lived their life. Keep in mind, this will happen through out the entire week, strong Shinigami or those who seem trusted will be sent. If needed, they will be sent in a dual partnership.

Week 1 : I wish to firstly pick my right hands, I will also pick one or two commanders to start the Society off with, more commanders coming the following week. Shinigami training will begin at the academy andpeople will go about doing various tasks that are in need of. A simple start.

Week 2 : Shinigami's will continue their training and I will then pick out the rest of my commanders, who will, hopefully, get to organizing their squads straight away, they will also pick their lieutenant as soon as possible. A lucky Shinigami will recieve to the chance to learn Shikai from a commander, although, this will be done upon the later half of the week.

Week 3 : Shinigami training will continue as always, if a Shinigami is able to pass through the academy and become an official Shinigami, they shall be assigned to a squad. Within that squad they will have various jobs they need to attend which will be discussed in a meeting with all the Commanders. 

Week 4 : Shinigami training will continue as always. Various Shinigami will be sent on patrol, keeping Hollows at a low, away from endangering anyone. 

Final Week : Upon this week, some lucky Shinigami's will get the chance to learn Bankai or Shikai, a various amount of tasks will be performed. Hollows will be closely watched, along with any enemies that the Soul Society may make, along the way.

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