Kertia Claude's Custom Zanpakuto.

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Kertia Claude's Custom Zanpakuto.

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:30 am

Shikai Name: Naki Shojo.

Shikai Call: Protect those who are closest to me.

Shikai Type: Kido/Defense.

Shikai Description: Upon calling out the zanpakuto, the entirety of Claude's sword becomes engulfed in a lavender light while the soft muffled sounds of a woman crying trails across the breeze from the resulting release of purple reiatsu. Once the light dims and soft mourns settles, Naki Shojo remains with the same black and lavender crisscross grip, but in reverse color placement. The actual blade itself now has three layers however: the first is the same metal cutting edge of a katana; the middle layer however is now similar to a stained glass window from the hilt to the tip, ranging from a dark violet at the base, then slowly becoming lighter lavender at the tip; the third layer of the sword is a thin ebony layer of metal from base to tip. While released, an eleven link chain dangles from the hilt, a small glass cube connecting every three links.

Shikai Abilities:

Menimawe(目には目を,"Eye for an Eye") - This allows the user to copy and absorb the force used against Naki Shojo. When an opponent clashes swords with Naki Shojo, that amount of force is added to Claude's next strike, and if the opponent strikes Claude's sword multiple times before Claude actually makes a swing, the force is added together and unleashed all at once when Claude finally makes his move, even if it be a mere flick of his blade.

Mamoru(守る,"Protect") - This ability creates a 10 foot high, 10 foot wide, glass wall within a 20 foot radius of Claude in whichever location he decides; this see through wall is capable of absorbing any reiatsu/reiryoku type blast whether it be Kido, energy or elemental Zanpakuto attack, Bala, Cero, etc. Claude can only create one wall at a time, but can absorb an infinite amount of attacks into that wall. If the wall is attacked physically, it shatters into shards of white reiryoku that dissipate into the air.

Naku(泣く,"Cry") - This ability fires all the attacks absorbed by Mamoru back at, or redirected at, an opponent.

Enhanced Speed - While in his Shikai, Claude's speed is increased.
Enhanced Reflexes - While in Shikai, Claude's reflexes are increased.
Enhanced Kido - While in Shikai, Claude's ability to perform kido is increased, allowing him to use it more often, faster and powerful.
Enhanced Spiritual Pressure - While in his Shikai, Claude's spiritual pressure is increased by average amount.

Bankai: None, i doubt that i will reach it.

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Re: Kertia Claude's Custom Zanpakuto.

Post  MasterSpectra on Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:38 am

Mamoru(守る,"Protect") will need a limit, for example a Shikai shouldn't be able to block Kido at level 90 used by someone superior in every aspect (RP levels.) Anything with more strength than an average kido level 70 will be able to break through.


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