My Aizen application

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My Aizen application

Post  Legion2 on Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:45 pm

[Name] Viktor Tensu

[Key] Legion2

[Age] 21

[Level of Education] 3rd year of University

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] Round about a year give or take a month or two

[Previous figure positions] None on Bleach anyway. Had a couple on other games

Your objectives this wipe : In a nutshell I want the arrancar to be able to wipe Shinigami out, thus being able to devour souls where-ever and when-ever they please.

Week 1 : Begin to gather hollows, start to see which of them are the more powerful to potentially turn into my espada

Week 2 : After some espada have been made, start to wipe out any resistance in Hueco mundo, either destroying them or turning them. Finish making the espada, numbers would depend on how many hollow are available

Week 3 : Start to assert some dominance in the world of the living, start wiping out any shinigami based there, I haven’t got involved yet if I can help it, I don’t want to be a leader people have to fall back on

Week 4 : By this time I want to have near utter control of the world of the living at be starting to push into SS, destroying everything as we go.

Final Week : Hopefully SS will have fallen and the hollow have taken over. The End!! Very Happy

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