Tsubasa, Ryukai's Custom Zanpakutou

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Tsubasa, Ryukai's Custom Zanpakutou

Post  Lawpiecla1 on Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:34 am

Zanpakutou Name: Saimin Jigoku (Hypnotic Inferno)

Zanpakutou Call: Spring forth from the depths of the underworld

Bankai Name: Kakaru Saimin Jigoku (Consuming Hypnotic Inferno)

Zanpakutou Type: Fire/Hypnotic

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 - Saimin Jigoku's sealed form fades away when released, and a pit opens up beneath Ryukai. From this pit, flames spring forth, hotter than a raging furnace. Ryukai can manipulate these flames in many ways, depending on what the situation calls for. Unfortunately, once the form of the flames has been changed, they cannot leave the form they take until Ryukai next releases Saimin Jigoku. These forms are:

-Infernal Blade: The flames take the form of a sealed Zanpakutou, with a very essential difference. The blade of this Zanpakutou is just as hot as the flames already were, making it very dangerous to fight against, or for that matter, with.

-Infernal Slate: The flames can also burn wild, and will show Ryukai's opponent's hypnotic images. Ryukai can take advantage of these images by launching Kidou with full incantation at his opponent while distracted.

-Flames of the Underworld: This form is the basic form of Saimin Jigoku, and functions much like Senbonzakura, a mass of flames that Ryukai can direct mentally, or to increase the intensity, with his movements. Unfortunately, in this form, the danger to Ryukai himself is at its greatest, as while he controls the flames, he is not immune to their burning.

Ability 2 - N/A

Shikai Qualities: The sealed Zanpakutou disappears, replaced by a mass of flames that can either stay in that form, or take another more suited to Ryukai's task.

Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - Kakaru Saimin Jigoku retains the abilities of its Shikai, to a greatly enhanced degree. Detailed in the following would be exactly how they are enhanced:

-Infernal Blade: The flames become far more concentrated in Bankai, greatly increasing the heat coming from the Blade. In this form, Ryukai alone is immune to the heat, and everything around him is laid to waste. Only those with reiatsu rivaling his own are able to survive within fifteen yards of him.

-Infernal Slate: Unlike before, where the flames merely showed hypnotic images, Ryukai can control the type of images his victims see. He can make them great images, to better fool them, or terrifying images, to put his opponent's off center, and give himself an advantage. As well as this, the flames are capable of causing damage to the victim's inner world while in this form, using Bankai. This won't harm them immediately, but over the course of three hours, the effect can sever the victim's connection with any and all spiritual abilities.

-Flames of the Underworld: Like Senbonzakura, in this form, the flames of the underworld increase in mass many times over. The flames function the same way as before, with the danger to opponent and Ryukai himself being increased tenfold due to the increased amount of flames, and increased intensity of the flames. Using this form, Ryukai could potentially lay waste to the entire Seretei within an hour, structurally.

Ability 2 - Kurai Tamashi no Hono (Flames of the Darkest Soul): This is Kakaru Saimin Jigoku's final ability, and using it is impossible without a great sacrifice. Ryukai must convert his own soul into reiatsu, and in exchange, he will for a split second gain unbelievable power, and in that split second he would have time to perform a single action, before his very soul ceased to exist. Unlike the Final Getsuga Tenshou, there is no chance of the effects wearing off over time, and the user of this ability would be gone for good. (I'm totally willing to get rid of this ability btw. It was more of an afterthought to see if I could, so meh.)

Ability 3 - N/A

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Re: Tsubasa, Ryukai's Custom Zanpakutou

Post  Hishido on Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:13 am

Omit/Reduce the power of Flames Of The Underworld (Shikai and Bankai) and Ability 2. Flames of the underworld basically adds a trait of another Zanpakutou to your sword, which gives you both Ryujinjakka + Senbonzakura. Maybe make Flames of the Underworld act like Ryujinjakka's fire prison ability.

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