Quincy Rules!

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Quincy Rules!

Post  DreaCupcake on Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:13 am

Well since I'm the QUINCY EMPRESS This wipe, I might as well set the guidelines for Quincies. Here we go.

1. Quincies who have just made and/or have not interacted with myself or other higher-ranking Quincy's will be regarded as Trainees. They'll have knowledge of the very basics, But will not be able to access Quincy items like Seeles, Sanrei gloves, etc. They may know how to use Hirenhyaku but their knowledge of it would be pretty limited.
2. Letz Stil And Vollstandig will be similiar in appearance and abilities, however Letz Still, due to the nature of it cutting out your Quincy powers, will be much more powerful, Not too sure with how much more, I'll ask the staff and place a number here, or tell the person(s) I give the Sanrei to. It will require the use of a Sanrei glove to use.
3. Ginto tubes won't only be used for the Ginto spells, you can use them to replenish a bit of Reishi, however they have to be opened to do so. And you can only use in total the amount I have given you. They restore 25% of the reishi you can use each, and you can only use a maximum of five tubes for this purpose per fight. It does NOT heal you, it simply gives you a bit more energy to use and lessens your fatigue.
4. Quincy not under my leadership by their choice ICly will be seen as outcasts and will be marked as heretics and will not be associated in anyway with the roster of loyal Quincy.
5. The number of arrows you fire effects how powerful they can be. You can fire full-power arrows equal to what the APS passive allows. Any more than that will be lesser in power. If you are allowed to shoot 11 arrows at full power, 22 will be at half power. 44 at a quarter, 55 at a fifth, etc.
6. If you plan to have custom arrow types, such as homing, explosive, ricocheting, etc. You must confirm the details with me and the staff
7. My character personally does not kill, she will do whatever it takes to incapacitate her enemy, killing is a last resort, be expected to be outcasted if your character kills anyone without a signficant reason.
8. You are expected to listen to your Superiors. If you're a Soldat you will have to not only obey my character but any Stern Ritter or Jagdarmee.

More rules may or may not come as time goes on, check this daily.
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