Figures (12/27/13)

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Figures (12/27/13)

Post  MasterSpectra on Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:22 pm

Italics = Username
Bold = Figure/Sub-Figure/Special Position
Strikeout = Resigned/Dead/etc.

Captain Commander: Delphino Sapphire (Yet to be written)

Senior Captains: N/A

Aizen Figure: Hirosaki, Spectra (MasterSpectra)

Espada Commanders: N/A

Quincy Elder: Kenshin, Tanasuke (Minochi223)

Quincy Elites: N/A

Fullbring Leader: Yet to be listed/chosen.

Xuction Elite: N/A

Urahara Figure: Figure Removed.

Senior Assistants: Figure Removed.

Natural Arrancar:  N/A

Approved Vasto Lordes: N/A

Special Humans: N/A

Special Shinigami: N/A

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