Agees (Captain Commander) Shikai application

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Agees (Captain Commander) Shikai application

Post  MasterSpectra on Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:27 pm

Shikai Name: Hyōga jidai

Shikai Call: Revert Time.

Shikai Type: Ice

Shikai Description: Once the shikai has been activated, the temperature in the surrounding area, gradually decreases, hitting 0 Celsius after being activated, then slowly decreasing to -15 over 3 turns, turning all objects in 500 meters range into ice.

Shikai Abilities:

Kasō fushi(仮想不死,"Virtual Immortality") - This allows the user to coat their body with reiatsu-enforced ice, protecting them from all kinds of attack (Equals to point 6 Hierro.). The user seemly takes no damage from the cold temperature.

Furīzu(フリーズ,"Freeze") - This allows Agees to "freeze" or "cool down" anything he touches, decreasing the temperature extremely fast, even to go as far as to freeze off an arm in less than a few seconds.

Shēpingu kōri(シェーピング氷,"Ice Shaping") - As the name suggest, this allows Agees to create and shape ice into varius forms, such as swords and walls. The ice created will be reinforced with his reiatsu, increasing their durability to the point were it can match a Zanpakuto.

Enhanced Speed - While in his Shikai, Agees' speed is increased.
Enhanced Strength - While in his Shikai, Agees' strength and overall physical abilities is increased.
Enhanced Spiritual Awareness - While in his Shikai, Agees' ability to "sense" the spiritual energy and pressure around him, is increased up to the point in which, he can pinpoint people's position, even if they're several kilometers away.
Enhanced Spiritual Pressure - While in his Shikai, Agees' spiritual pressure is increased enormously.

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