Arrancar Leader Application.

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Arrancar Leader Application.

Post  Joruri on Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:42 am

[Name] Joruri

[Key] Suimizu

[Age] 15

[Level of Education] Basis - Kader

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 1-2

[Previous figure positions] ( A loooong time ago ) Arrancar Leader, Vaizard Leader.

Your objectives this wipe :

Week 1 : Get a few strong hollows and turn them into my dimwitted followers.

Week 2 : Make -ALL- of my hollow into my Precious Arrancar, this would take time considering if i have or haven't got the Hougyoku.

Sub-goal week 2-3 : Come into Soul Society, get to know all the shinigami-captain there, they wouldn't know who i was since they would have NEVER seen me. ( Yes, i would work within the shadows as much as i can )

Week 3 : Make a ''tournament'' for my arrancar, this would be fun to watch. Also it would decide who is the strongest arrancar, worthy of the ''1'' mark

Major-goal week 3-4 : My new, stronger form of arrancar.. 'The Espada' will take a good look at soul society. Yes, i will declare war on the Shinigami. I personally would aim for the Captain Commander, and take his ''position'' and rule with an iron fist over Soul Soceity.

Week 4 : Let a few shinigami get an option to join me, or stay loyal to the captains. If they chose to stay loyal, i'd let them go.

Final Week : With my rulings over Soul Society, my ultimate goal would've probably gone into play... Because of my iron rule over Soul Society, strongest captain ( Or maybe the Captain Commander? ) Would search for other powerfull groups, and join forces for the sake of the world, if this was to go on all the pure souls would become hollows and my army would just keep increasing.. An alliance of Shinigami, Quincy, Fullbring, and Vaizards. They would have to fight me and my Powerfull Espada. I would rather throw my life away to just get one step closer to peace between all the nations, without discrimination against the other. Then to live in a world where there would be constant war.
( I'd presume the vaizards would have a grudge towards the shinigami for some reason, and the quincy-shinigami relations were never good in this game ( if i remember correctly ) Global Peace, my initial goal.

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