Alex for Vaizard Leader

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Alex for Vaizard Leader

Post  Shiroyasha on Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:06 am

[Name] Alex

[Key] Alradaev

[Age] 17 and a half

[Level of Education] 12th grade

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 2.

[Previous figure positions] Xuction Leader, Urahara's senior helper, Captain.

Your objectives this wipe : I want to create an object which has the potential to destroy all the worlds, unless be kept at bay at my hands, , which I will use in order to create a complete balance. I will attack anyone that tries to steal this said object. I will create two Vaizards using this object (Maybe more) And the rest of the Vaizards will be naturals.

Week 1 : I plan to create this said object and start looking for Vaizard that are suitable.

Week 2 : I will create two Vaizards, and leave a message that all Natrual Vaizards are free to come see me at Earth. The object I created, after I used it to create 2 vaizards will suddenly teleport itself to HM.

Week 3 : I will search for the said object with all the Vaizards and will kill everyone who opposes me.

Week 4 : I will try my best to retrieve the said item, if i'll find it, and will train all natural vaizards further.

Final Week : Up until now, should I not retrieve the object, the balance will be shit, there be many many many many many Hollows, and eventually, all the worlds will be destroyed. If I do retrieve it, i'll let the rp decided

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