Ashwynd's Captain Commander Application

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Ashwynd's Captain Commander Application

Post  Ashwynd on Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:52 pm

[Name] Ryazuki Kensei

[Key] Ashwynd

[Age] 17

[Level of Education] College Student

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 2009-2011 (3 years)

[Previous figure positions] None, unless Vice-captain or 5th Espada counts.

Your objectives this wipe : Train several Shinigami trainees into full shinigami and help them improve on their skills until I can appoint several captains, at which point they will begin recruiting into their own squad and I will be recruiting into my own. I will train my squad and advise the other captains on what to do, and hold several meetings. SS will eventually become strong enough to ward off any would-be attackers.

Week 1 : Personally train the initial trainees at the Shinigami academy.

Week 2 : Appoint one of the fully trained Shinigami to work at the academy from that point onwards, and focus on training the current Shinigami to become captains

Week 3 : When said captains are fully trained, they shall each be given a squad and told to recruit and train. At this point I will begin recruiting for my own squad.

Week 4 : Begin holding meetings between captains regularly and improving the skills of my squad as well as giving the other captains advice, and also begin sending Shinigami to defend earth from Hollows.

Final Week : Start organizing which squad will have certain tasks within soul society, and ask each captain (If they have not already) to assign themselves a Vice-Captain, and prepare soul society against any future threats.

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