Ashwynd's Vaizard Leader Application

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Ashwynd's Vaizard Leader Application

Post  Ashwynd on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:09 pm

[Name] Ryazuki Kensei

[Key] Ashwynd

[Age] 17

[Level of Education] College Student

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 2009-2011 (3 years)

[Previous figure positions] None, unless Vice-captain or 5th Espada counts.

Your objectives this wipe : Train a group of renegade Shinigami on how to use their inner hollow to their own benefit, and increase their power steadily, up to the point where they can defend themselves against more threats. I will also be training myself thoroughly, and if any of them have not yet achieved Bankai, then we will also work towards that goal, before ultimately working on defending earth until some type of war starts, and then picking a side.

Week 1 : Wander around recruiting Shinigami to aid the cause of the Vaizard until we have at least 3-4 Vaizard to begin with, which seems reasonable.

Week 2 : Keep recruiting more Shinigami to reach an optimum number of 8-10 Vaizard, but in the meantime begin training each Vaizard to use the powers of their inner hollow.

Week 3 : If enough Shinigami have not been recruited, continue to recruit. Focus on training each Vaizard in teamwork and also increasing the amount of time they can wear their mask in total.

Week 4 : Start training any Shinigami who have not yet achieved Bankai to do so, and continue training in Vaizard abilities constantly.

Final Week : Create a type of base where the Vaizard can reside to hide from Soul Society and still train constantly, prepared to defend themselves from any threats.

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