Vaizard Leader Application

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Vaizard Leader Application

Post  NueBoogate on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:02 pm

[Name] Nue BoGaate



[Level of Education] High School

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]4

[Previous figure positions] None in this game. I used to play as a captain occasionally in Last Horizon

Your objectives this wipe : To train up a group of individuals powerful enough to repeal any attacks on the Vaizard group. Intially the group wouldn't get seriously involved with either Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. If either side approaches us for our services, i would be obliged to provide them. That being said, the individuals in the group would be free to roleplay as they saw fit even if they were to interfere with a battle on earth or in Soul Society. As a figure i would merely observe and only intervene in the case that my surbordinates life was in serious danger. As a figure i would look out for myself, and the ones i choose for the group.

Week 1 : Depending on the actions of the hollow leader, i would either Rp being used as an experiment, or Rp coming into accidental contact with whatever the item that is used as the Hougoyoku. By the end of this week I would either Flee Soul Society or attempt to keep my new power under wraps depending on the situation of the wipe.

Week 2 : By mid-weeek i will have resolved to leave SS though the motivation is dependent on the wipe. If possible, I may attempt to take the Hougoyoku for myself. This would add a twist to the wipe as the Aizen figure would have to retreive it from me rather than SS

Week 3 : I would begin using the Hougoyoku to create my own personal team of Shinigami, if this group gets approved, we would remain passive until serious fighting began. Interaction with the Aizen figure would be one of my goals as well.

Week 4 : I'd go along with whatever side requested my services.

Final Week : My group would look out for its own, though its safe to assume that a few would make personal decisions in lue of the final battle. PErsonally i would either return to my position as an observer or switch to the winning side. However i can ensure i survive the conflict.

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