Agees (Spectra) Aizen Application

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Agees (Spectra) Aizen Application

Post  MasterSpectra on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:47 pm

[Name] Agees Voir

[Key] MasterSpectra

[Age] 18

[Level of Education] HTX Education.

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] One year and a few months. Possible two years at max.

[Previous figure positions] None.

Your objectives this wipe : Simply put, create a "home" for hollows, where they have no hunger. Protecting my race from the Shinigami and Quincy, hopefully staying neutral/passive unless provoked or forced to do otherwise.

Week 1 : Gather hollows, prove my superiority as an Arrancar, then propose the power of an Arrancar if they join me. Also pick out two Espada Commanders (Figures like Gen and Tousen, right hands)

Week 2 : Establish all ten Espada ranks. Create Fraccions.

Week 3 : Oblierate those who goes against me. (Hueco mundo only.)

Week 4 : Establish defences against other races, incase they might wage war.

Final Week : Allow the hollows to devour souls as they please, not doing anything hostile unless provoked or forced.

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