My Aizen Figure Application!

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My Aizen Figure Application!

Post  10asd on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:42 pm

[Name] : Ghirahim

[Key] : 10asd

[Age] : 14

[Level of Education] : 8th Grade

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] : 1 year

[Previous figure positions] : None, this is my first attempt.

Your objectives this wipe : Kill all Shinigami and Quincy, which dare to murder us and our Hollows! Try to convince Vaizards and Fullbringers to join our cause! (Ghirahim is supposed to hate Quincy and Shinigami. As a Hollow he suffered, being isolated, always needing to hide from Shinigami and Quincy knowing he could get killed one day. This trauma seem to have modified his personality. )

Week 1 : Gonna build up the army. Hopefully make some Arrancars and one EC. Trying to contact Vaizards, sent some scouts in SS.

Week 2 : Have two EC and more than six Arrancars. Trying to convince Vaizards join us. Kill more Shinigami and Quincy. Trying to contact Fullbringers.

Week 3 : Hopefully have Vaizards on our side. Sent some Espada and one EC in SS, hopefully SS have some causualties. Trying to convince Fullbringers join us, sent some Arrancars to look for Quincy.

Week 4 : Focus our forces on Quincy!

Final Week : Depdends on how the Wipe will go on.

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