Saito Kugayashi

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Saito Kugayashi

Post  Shulker1000 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:25 am

Name: Saito Kugayashi

Age: 21


Biography: Saito lived in Tokoyo with his parents, he studied at his school for many years and when he graduated joined the police force for his country. He died before he was even put to work, he had finished the academy exam and was about to graduate when he was killed. A group of thugs who had a problem with students at the academy corned Saito. They Shot him in his lower abdomen, right side of his chest and in his head. He died almost instantly after the headshot, he later awoke in a strange wold without memories of how he got there or what happened before. Now he had some kind of feral instinct running wild within him, his form has also changed he now looked like a dark blue wolf with a wolf skull over it's head as a mask. His mind pondered on where he was but shortly after the feral instinct took over and he began to run wild around this new world of Heuco Mundo.(This all lead up to where I created the char Very Happy)

Tiers: Regen-3 Heirro-2 Sonido-2 Cero-3 Strength-1
Specialties: Long Distance energy based attacks.

Release: Similar to that of Starrk's release, except with a cowboy hat and the color of his clothes are black and dark blue this includes his guns.

Personality:Find out through RP :3
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