Mukanshin Yamiyo's Xcution Leader App

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Mukanshin Yamiyo's Xcution Leader App

Post  Mukanshin Yamiyo on Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:35 am

[Name] Mukanshin Yamiyo

[Key] Nesaku

[Age] 27

[Level of Education] High School Graduate

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 2, I believe

[Previous figure positions] Captain Commander, Aizen, Quincy Leader (Grieta Alma, but that doesn't really count)

Your objectives this wipe : Locate all spiritually aware humans and train them to have the power to defend themselves.

Week 1 : I will begin by helping those I initially find to understand their power, as well as the depths of any power they hold. Brute force may not help them survive, they may have to rely more on cunning, than anything else.

Week 2 : Begin improving our base, and training facilities, as well as develop a training regimen that will hopefully give them the ability to defend themselves against any opponent they may face.

Week 3 : Continue to increase our numbers and the abilities of the members of the Xcution, as well as beginning to look for various alliances to supplement our ability.

Week 4 : Take note of the state of affairs in the world around us and defend ourselves, or our ally/allies, from any threats. While we may not ally with an entire group, our alliances will be more along the lines of person-to-person.

Final Week : Ensure that the Xcution is a well-known faction, that our members are protected and skilled, and that we, the Xcution will never have to fear anyone or anything ever again.
Mukanshin Yamiyo
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