Mukanshin Yamiyo's Shinji App

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Mukanshin Yamiyo's Shinji App

Post  Mukanshin Yamiyo on Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:34 am

[Name] Mukanshin Yamiyo

[Key] Nesaku

[Age] 27

[Level of Education] High School Graduate

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 2, I believe

[Previous figure positions] Captain Commander, Aizen, Quincy Leader (Grieta Alma, but that doesn't really count)

Your objectives this wipe : To keep my sanity and the sanity of those gifted-enough to be able to control their inner-hollow, or at least, initially, resist it. As well as to provide refuge against any Shinigami cast-out from the Soul Society, because of their tainted nature.

Week 1 : Hang out on the outskirts of any conflicts and social interactions, in general--just observe, remember, and calculate. Keep an eye out for those who seem to have the reiatsu of a hollow emanating from them.

Week 2 : Strengthen and continue to strengthen anyone I've taken in. Develop their growth so that they can bend their inner-hollow to their will, as well as defend themselves against any who might persecute them. Begin to carve out a niche for ourselves in the world.

Week 3 : Continue to develop my group's abilities, and their control over their inner-hollow.

Week 4 : Use my faction's members to ensure that no Shinigami with Hollow reiatsu are ever persecuted again. If this means taking over the Sereitei itself, or killing-off every other Shinigami, then, so be it.

Final Week : If we are forced to take over the Sereitei, or kill all other Shinigami, or any who continue to abuse, or attempt to abuse us, then complete that goal. Other wise, live in peace, attempting to render the hollows inside us as no-longer a threat, but a valuable tool to be used at our discretion.
Mukanshin Yamiyo
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