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Mukanshin Yamiyo's Aizen App

Post  Mukanshin Yamiyo on Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:32 am

[Name] Mukanshin Yamiyo

[Key] Nesaku

[Age] 27

[Level of Education] High School Graduate

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 2, I believe

[Previous figure positions] Captain Commander, Aizen, Quincy Leader (Grieta Alma, but that doesn't really count)

Your objectives this wipe : To convert all souls into hollows and bend all under will. I will lead not only the Hollows, but also every entity in existence--none shall avoid my rule. My Hollows, my Arrancar, my Espada, and more, will be the dominant force in the universe--and the ONLY force.

Week 1 : My initial goal will be to gather all hollows, especially those with promise, under my wing and give the guidance and strength--forcibly, if necessary. I will send the weaker ones out with stronger hollows to devour souls and hollows which they may usually not be able to defeat, thus skyrocketing their development.

Week 2 : After my initial goal is met, I will continue to strengthen my Hollow army, increasing their in-game abilities, as well as their RP ability. I will also begin weeding out the weakest of the hollows.

Week 3 : Begin to actively search for, and eliminate, any possible threats to my rule, while elevating the strongest of my hollow army to god-like levels.

Week 4 : If any opposing factions remain, wage war against them, and crush them. If war seems not to be a viable avenue, assassination is always an option. MWA-HAHAHAHAHA!

Final Week : Finish wiping-out any remnants which still have not bowed to my whim and rule. There will be no alliances, only me, my army, and my slaves.
Mukanshin Yamiyo
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