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Mukanshin Yamiyo's CC App

Post  Mukanshin Yamiyo on Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:31 am

[Name] Mukanshin Yamiyo

[Key] Nesaku

[Age] 27

[Level of Education] High School Graduate

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 2, I believe

[Previous figure positions] Captain Commander, Aizen, Quincy Leader (Grieta Alma, but that doesn't really count)

Your objectives this wipe : To build the Shinigami into a powerful force in the universe. A force so powerful, they will be able to protect the weak and guide lost souls toward peaceful rest and acceptance within the Soul Society--if not recruit them into the Shinigami ranks to ever-increase our numbers and ability.

Week 1 : My initial goal will be to search for the diamonds-in-the rough of the Shinigami. Those Shinigami which would make wonderful captain material. Good RP'ers who are creative with what their character can do, as well as possessing the ingenuity to use their character's skills and abilities in unexpected ways. Captains of top priority would be the R&D Division, Melee Combat Division, as well as the Kidou Corps. However, all Divisions will not be the same as from Bleach, Divisions which specialize in other needed facets can/will be created, as well.

Week 2 : Develop my Captains' abilities, both in-character, and general RP ability, so they can topple any opposition to the Shinigami-way, and protect the various souls of the world and spirit realm. Also, I will begin sending out the more-capable Shinigami, to hunt for potential recruits, and possibly curb any minor threats before they can become serious dangers.

Week 3 : Collect various reports obtained over the course of the first two weeks to gauge a state of affairs within the Sereitei, as well as without. Once these reports have been examined, I will then take the appropriate actions which will allow the Shinigami to achieve our goals of protecting souls and, now with the proper forces, purging the lands of what we, the Shinigami, believe to be evil. I will also start contests between my Shinigami in this week, or the previous week, to determine the most-powerful within the Shinigami ranks.

Week 4 : Continue the contests, until the top three Shinigami are decided. Then, using these Shinigami, create a special task force to take care of extremely important, and/or top secret matters. Also, my Shinigami would continue to purge evils from existence.

Final Week : Eradicate any opposition to the Shinigami.
Mukanshin Yamiyo
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