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[Level of Education]Currently I am on University of Agriculture....

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]Well....I am roleplaying since I was 15 years old, so I would say 4-5 years....

[Previous figure positions]If my memory serves me I was not a major figure, usually Lt. Captain or Senior Captain, once Vaizard as well, on old source tho.

Your objectives this wipe : Well, my objectives are simple and plain...Establish order, take the best people as my Stern Ritter, or should I use english Star Knights. I will try to make an official logo of our Cross, afterwards the redecorating or establishing of our HQ will begin.

My Quincy Soldat's will have to obey the decisions of their leader or will be executed, if they do obey they might get a promotion which will mainly be dependable on how do they RP. Bow, well when we are talking about Quincy from the show like Ishida....then I am good to say this:My Quincy's will use bows in battle only, if they are in life or death situation they can use their Vollstandig or other skills they want to.

Once when I determine as their Emperor that it is time for war, well shit is going to go down since I will try my best to develop the weapons such as Spears which can break Hierro easily, Devices with which we can talk to each other and use them freely. For Bankai stealing I will consult with Hishido and other Staff members before attempting such trick.

I can say this for beggining, our sanrei gloves will be dark red color with white "New Coptic Cross", picture can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross . Our suits will be black with belts, and other things that I will develop IC-ly for quincy inside of the game.

Now the alliances, well I dont really care what Soul Society or Hueco Mundo does....however we will make weapons to counter them if they attack us while we are protecting the Earth. I as emperor will reveal myself in week two to the Xcution leader and attempt to form alliance with them to protect Earth, if successful we will move onto our further plans and that is to try and form the trio Earth alliance with Vaizard Leader when we once get to know of their existence, as well as Xcution's.

Week 1 : Training of new recruits, establishing hierarchy, finding our HQ and meeting places, choosing of Stern Ritter's as well as start of new technology developments. If any threat appears, attempts to neutralize it will happen, in case that Shinigamies appear scouting will be placed upon their training or w.e. they are doing on Earth. Of any weird humans like Fullbringers appear, alliance proposal will be made. First creations of Soul Weapons will be taught to the Ritter's. Some of the Quincy will be "Exiled" if there are enough of us, just so they form a family or their own order which will do our bidding and protect Earth until serious threat's start to appear, they however will answer only to Emperor and will be observed by C Ritter.

Week 2 : Moving onto advanced training with Stern Ritter's, while leaving Soldats to train with each other, scout the Earth and vanquish threats of Hollow if there are any present at that moment. If successful moving onto advanced technology and revealing Vollstandig to the Stern Ritter members. After that, if any weird Humans have been discovered, will try to ally with them. Final preparations for War will be made as well as developed technology, Soldat's will be shown Vollstandig and taught how to use it by Ritter's, note that not all of them will be able to obtain it so they will be taught in different ways of using their Soul Weapon.

Week 3 : There will probably be combat already between HM and SS so Quincy Empire and their ally's will start to prepare for their holy crusade on the enemies. First we will wait for them to come to the open on Earth and send some of our Soldat Scouts to observe them. When they are weak the Inquisition will move in, that will be I Ritter with his Soldat's. There will be H Ritter who will be in charge of developing Technology and probably C Ritter as in Crusade Ritter which who will try to keep order on Earth, and send out scout parties.

Week 4 : Attempts to retake Earth and stop the destruction of it, as well as sending out all Ritter's and revealing fully and whole order. This time I will reveal myself as well, and attempt to stop the conflicts on Earth. Whoever has killed first Quincy will be fucked since I will propose to one side to unite with me and launch full scale assault on our same enemy, will expect for ally's to follow.

Final Week : The invasion of our enemy, betraying the alliance with either SS or HM and revealing that our true goal which will be established IC-ly. Quincy will be triumphants and will take over the Earth, Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Xcution will be given one realm, vaizards will posses one while Quincy will most surely take Hueco Mundo. If that does not happen earlier.

Rules: 1) No Vollstandig release on Earth, punishment is death.

2) Everyone must respect Emperor, if they do not they will not be accepted in as Soldats, or Ritters.

3) In case of muttony the rebels will be killed without mercy, if the Emperor has to come down from his throne you just know that people will massively die.

4) To release Vollstandig on Earth you will need to contact the HQ and ask for special permission via Radio and will be granted only if we are in war. If you are in life or death situation call for backup at the beginning of a serious fight.

5) Enjoy the RP and ask what you do not know, I have spent much time on studying Quincy since Vandenreich so I probably know what you need. If I do not know that well, I will check it out on Wiki or if not written there, will try to find out through my personal contacts.

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