Akira's custom Zanpakutou

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Akira's custom Zanpakutou

Post  BlackBeridian on Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:16 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Shadokurasu

Zanpakutou Call: Screech

Bankai Name: Yoru Odoroki-shō, Shadokurasu! (Night Terror, Shadow Raven!)

Zanpakutou Type: Darkness

Shikai Abilities

Black Sludge: Anyone coming into a all brawl with Shadokurasu will find themselves in a sticky situation, any cut inflicted upon an opponent with Shadokurasu is covered in a black substance that stops the cut from heal/slows the healing process of the cut down.

Black Feather Dance: A simple twist of the black raven blade fires a group of black feathers from its point, each feather is sharpend like a dagger. Each feather is covered with a black poison that can infect an opponent, slowing them down slightly.

Shikai Qualities: Shadokurasu transforms from its normal state, a long katana into a large black sword with a raven as the handle, the two wings of the raven form the blade whilst its head and body form the hilt. The eyes of the black raven are in-crested with two, large, amber gems. A dark aura forms around the Zanpakuto and its wielder, as they are now sharing the same Reiatsu, the Aura is just the Reiatsu flowing between them. (color is a dark purple)
Akira also gains the ability to see in the dark along with this Shikai, handy for his night time fighting.
Bankai Abilities
Improved regeneration: Being as the Raven is made of shadows, any damage it receives or cuts it may obtain are regenerated at a quicker pace than normal. I mean, come on, who's ever heard of cutting a shadow.

Reiatsu drain: The Raven is able to drain Reiatsu from anyone getting to close by stealing their shadows, almost like stealing the soul of someone. This will only be a minimal drain and the shadow and Reiatsu drained will be replaced once the Bankai is ended or once the fight is over.

Darkness Screech: Shadokurasu is able to release a loud screech that can knock the opponent off of their balance if they're not prepared, it gives no warning for when it is about to do this at all. A general pulse of dark energy comes with the screech but is all for show and actually does nothing but carry the sound waves.

Bankai Qualities: In Bankai Shadokurasu releases a black haze in front of Akira, whilst this is happening his opponent will not be able to see for a short period of time, until the haze and Shadokurasu have disappeared to be replaced by a huge raven made up of shadows. The raven is completely black, but has perfect vision. Akira will also sprout two wings of shadows on his back, but once again, they are for show and actually do nothing but show his connection with his Zanpukto.
Same as Shikai, Akira will be able to see reasonably well in the dark, so will not be fully unaware of what is going on around.

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