Jaden Marrigold's Resurrección

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Jaden Marrigold's Resurrección

Post  Javarock on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:28 pm

Resurrección Name: Chinmoku(Silence - 沈黙)

Resurrección Type: Physical Enhancement/Illusionary

Resurrección Activation: Once Resurrección begins, loud sirens would fill the area, this has no actual affect on people, it's simply part of the transformation process. His Katana will grow to a rusty, gigantic cleaver. His mask will grow to form an entire pyramid around his head. Once the transformation is done, the sirens stop, and the nearby area is changed to look rusted, sickly, and dark.



Almost all of the relative to battle changes involved with his Resurrección are physical, any Illusionary elements are completely cosmetic in nature, having no affect on a character unless they chose to have it do so. They're involved to set the tone for his Resurrección


[Increased Strength] - His ability to cause damage is increased, the increase of this physical trait is dependent in the amount of Reiatsu he puts in to each action. The more energy expended, the weaker this bonus becomes. The benefit is that he can perform stronger attacks, and the strength available isn't static, the downside is that if he expends too much he becomes weak.

[Increased Endurance] - His ability to withstand damage and tolerate it is increased by a significant amount. Hierro is increased with this.

[Increased Speed] - His speed is increased. But this is a lesser enhancement, and the Strength and Endurance receive the majority of any bonus from this Resurrección


Ankoku No Sekai(Dark World - 暗黒の世界) - The world around him looks different. It appears to be a darker, eviler place. Things become rusted, covered in dried blood, wall paper curls, various things appear rotting. None of these changes actually change the area, they just appear different. The general lighting is darker, but not in a significant, combat impairing way.
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Re: Jaden Marrigold's Resurrección

Post  Ferin on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:44 pm

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