Desmeon Bone's Resurrección

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Desmeon Bone's Resurrección

Post  Darwin Blake on Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:21 pm

Mask Activation: Bone can summon a version of the mask he had before he became an arrancar once he has become exhausted/stressed/anxious via willing it to appear on his face. It is a fairly plain, oval shape with faded, blue/grey swirls covering the white hierro.

[Passive] - His spiritual pressure can be suppressed to the point where only those with an RLP that is +3 his can still percieve it.

[Defensive] - The hierro of his mask is twice as strong as the hierro of the rest of his body.

[Special Passive] - Bone can utilize the extra reishi that would normally be expelled as a spiritual pressure and launch invisible waves, projectiles, etcetera of varying power and speed through his zanpakutou.

Mask Enhancements: His reaitsu is lowered in an exchange for boosts in general speed, agility, reaction time, and strength.

Resurrección Name: Aoi Chi (青い 血 - Blue Blood)

Resurrección Call: Paint the sky,

Resurrección Type: Escapism

Resurrección Activation: There is no physical change.

[Passive] - He can call upon his mask at any time.

[Special Offensive] - Bone can detonate bodily fluids, primarily blood, upon having touched it once - Which means that any blood that has left his body or any blood of his enemies that has touched him/the blade of his zanpakutou can be affected by Bone. When he wills it to do so, the select amount will become blue. If it explodes any faster than two seconds after becoming blue, then it's power/spread of explosion will be greatly decreased, and the damage it does to others scales between the amount of bodily fluids used: If it's a few drops on an arm or leg, it'll cause first/second-degree burns for those on an trainee-shinigami-level. If it's an entire body's worth of blood, then it could potentially maim a vice captain or moderately burn a regular captain dependng on where the blood is and what release, if any, the individual has made along with their RPL in regards to Bone's.

[Special Passive] - Desmeon can regenerate blood indefinitely as long as his heart is beating.

Resurrección Enhancements: None.
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Re: Desmeon Bone's Resurrección

Post  Ferin on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:51 pm

Approved. Be wary of restraint and such.
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