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Fullbring Name: Seraph
Fullbring Appearance: Seraph is a prop used in the Star Wars movies in the 1990s. Tyson's father bought it for him, and soon afterward died. Because it was the last thing his father gave him he kept it, taking it everywhere he went; although he hated the Star Wars movies.

Upon activation, the blade becomes darker, thicker, and metal of a different metal. Along with taking on the Gothic version of a Jedi Lightsaber, it also changes in length depending on which name is called.

Fullbring Abilities:

Transformation 1

Raziel: The basic form of Seraph. When the Angel's name is called, a long blade erupts from the hilt, sharing the same length and shape as the katana, while glowing like a lightsaber. The shade of the blade is light blue.

Extend: When its name is yelled while swinging it rapidly extends, varying from whatever it's master needs.( 15 yards max)

Transformation 2

Irthuriel: The blade takes the form of a large cleaver, dense and powerful. Its cutting ability surpasses that of Raziel. Tyson can move it easily, as if he weighed no more then a stick, despite its huge bulk and weight. The shade of the blade is purple.

Quake: When Irthuriel is slammed onto the ground, digging into the earth, by exerting his reaitsu Tyson can open a fissure, length and width varying on the amount of energy used. Blue flames erupt from the fissure shortly after, rising into the air before fading away(Length varying upon energy used). The fissure remains as it is.

Mastered Fullbring Abilities:

Michael: By calling this Archangel's name, the blade extends into a scythe, its cutting ability rivaling that of a Zanpakuto. The shade of the weapon is red, although it shines brighter than either of its brothers.

Glorious: When this name is spoken, the blade erupts in flames that condense and add-on to the blade's power, adding an incendiary effect. When the blade cuts the flesh, it leaves a small amount of spiritual energy that erupts into flames a second later. The flames can be put out with normal methods, as you'd treat regular flames, or they can be diminished by a superior spiritual force.

Malik: When this Angel's name is spoken, flames erupt around the blade. When the scythe is swung, the flames are sent in a crescent form, mimicking the form of the scythe's blade. The attack has incendiary and concussive capabilities.

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Re: Seraph(Fullbring)

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Approved. (Be mindful of restraint.)
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