Fullbring Rules

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Fullbring Rules

Post  Shiroyasha on Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:25 pm

These are the laws of the Fullbring, if you are a fullbring, it applies to you.
If you are Shinigami It doesn't apply to you.
If you are a Hollow it doesn't apply to you.
If you are a Quincy it doesn't apply to you.
If you are a Vaizard it might apply to you.
If you are an Arrancar why you reading this?
First off
The pecking system.
It goes the normal fullbring, who are the dirt.
Xuction member, who are the worms inside the dirt.
Xuction elites, who are normal people.
Alex, which is a god.
Each rank must follow the rank who is above it, Fullbring follow Xuction members, who follow Elites, who follow Alex.
Unless the rules disobey the rank, for instance, Fullbring will follow members, unless Elite say no, or Alex will say no.
In order to achieve Fullbring, you just need to create, you could achive it whenever you want.
To get FullbringClad, you gotta do ????? (basiclly wait for Alex to choose you)
Don't ask for stuff, don't beg for stuff.
Fullbring base is Alex's mansion, who is also a sexshop.
Alex has a connection with all fullbring icly, and thus is able to communicate with them all via telepathy.
Fullbring forms reqs, and stuff...
Form 1: You can get it whenever you want, no level nor RP level reqs, nor training with Alex or any other fullbrings. The only thing you need for that, is atleast 1 point at the "Fullbring" Passive
Form 2: Level 10 OOC, level 5 RP, Passive 4 "Fullbring", Some training with Alex.
Form 3 (AKA Mastered): Level 20 OOC, Level 10 RP, Passive 7 "Fullbring", Training with Alex.
Form 4 (AKA FullbringclaD):?????

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