Updated Vaizard Rules

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Updated Vaizard Rules

Post  Ferin on Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:14 pm

Rule #1: Most important... Hollowfication is NOT to occur without admin approval. The boost it provides is too much to just go around using it to death avoid.

Rule #2: The back room of the warehouse is ICly 'off limits'. Anyone who makes an attempt to enter will be stunned with an extremely high voltage of electricity. (When the warehouse is implemented)

Rule #3: I will not allow just 'anyone' to become a vaizard. If you are a roleplayer of acceptable skill, I will approach you oocly.

Rule #4: An elaboration on three... Once you ARE a vaizard, I expect the roleplaying to maintain its level of enjoyability. No slacking off, or utilizing your mask/hollow to 'godmode'.

Rule #5: Any major actions must be given IC permission from Minochi Suidouya. EX: Going to the Soul Society, starting a major conflict. But that should go without saying.

Rule #6: Just... Don't be stupid, in summary.
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