Spectra's ressurection

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Spectra's ressurection

Post  MasterSpectra on Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:26 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Anhōrībīsuto (アンホーリービースト, "Unholy Beast")

Zanpakutou Call: Reap, Devour and Survive.

Zanpakutou Type: Close-medium ranged, speed

Ressurection appearance:
Spectra's body turns slightly grayish, as his clothes gets changed into thin, black robes, which covers his entire body, resembling those of the Grim Reaper. His Zanpakutou changes into that of a scythe, roughly at 1 meter long blade, having a hilt almost equal to Spectra's own height.

Ressurection Abilities

Saikai (再会, "Reuniting")
Once Spectra's scythe has been thrown, or separated by any means, he can either instantly teleport to his scythe or summon it to him, granting him significant agility in close combat, and also in assassination - Weakness: After being used a few times, it becomes obvious that Spectra has this ability, removing the element of surprise.  Also, once in his ressurection, Spectra's ability to utilize Sonido is completely removed.

Makikomu (巻き込む, "Engulf")
With this ability, Spectra can knead his reiatsu into his scythe, increasing his slicing power significantly. The reiatsu can also be concentrated, then fired off in a similar way to cero.

Being in Spectra's presence, will cause those around of him, to become engulfed in fear towards him, taking away their rational thoughts, and also making them doubt their own abilities. If Spectra manages to strike them, their fear will be increased to a true Paranoia, in which they'll do anything to escape him, feeling like all hope against him is lost. This has no effect to those who's 5-1 RP levels behind, equal or above Spectra in RP level.

Ressurection Passives

Enhanced Hierro
In his ressurection, Spectra's hierro's durability greatly increases, along with his endurance.

Enhanced Spiritual Pressure
In his ressurection, Spectra's spiritual pressure is greatly increased.

Enhanced Strength
In his ressurection, Spectra's physical strength and speed is increased.

Denied Sonido
As stated before, in his ressurection, Spectra's sonido is disabled and replaced by Saikai.

Segunda Etapa:Kyōfu no shinkai (恐怖の深海, "Abyssal of Fear")

Segunda Etapa Type: Melee-range, speed and defense

Segunda Etapa appearance:
Spectra's clothing slowly fades away, as his naked body takes the appearance of his Vasto-lorde form. His crutch gets filled with blach fur, the length of his hair grows and his body structure seems more muscular than usual. He also grows a tail. His hands are slightly covered in black fur aswell, while his finger tips has been turned into knife-looking tips.

Resurrection Abilities:

Enpawādo Makikomu (エンパワード巻き込む, "Empowered Engulf")
Unlike the former Engulf, this allows Spectra to clad his entire body in black, fire-like reiatsu, which can be used for both defensive and offensive means, aswell as projectiles. It's power is great enough to pierce another hollows Hierro (10/10) with great ease.

Kyōfu no ransu (恐怖の剣, "The lance of fear")
As the name suggests, the user compresses his reiryoku into a medium-sized lance, which can then be used as a weapon or a projectile. It's destructive power matches that of Ulqiorra's Lanza del Relampago.

Passive - Strength of the sword
All of Spectra's passive points that has been put into Zanjutsu,  is automatically converted into Hakuda.

Empowered Paranoia
An enhanced version of the Ressurection's Paranoia. It allows Spectra to send everyone around him into an abyssal of fear, stripping them of their rational thoughts. For those with weaker will or power, this ability will rip them off their consciousness, as they'll experience an illusional death. This has no effect to those who's 5-1 RP levels behind, equal or above Spectra in RP level.

Segunda Etapa Passives:

Enhanced Hierro
Spectra's Hierro is further strengthened in his Segunda Etapa-state.

Enhanced Spiritual Pressure
Spectra's Spiritual Pressure is further strengthened in his Segunda Etapa-state.

Enhanced Strength
Spectra's Strength is further strengthened in his Segunda Etapa-state.

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Re: Spectra's ressurection

Post  Ferin on Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:00 pm

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Re: Spectra's ressurection

Post  Hishido on Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:49 pm

I went through Spectra's resureccion and had him change a couple of things. It looks to be okay now - approved.

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Re: Spectra's ressurection

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