Ishanawi, Yatsu's Custom Zanpakuto Application.

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Ishanawi, Yatsu's Custom Zanpakuto Application.

Post  Ishanawi, Yatsu on Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:40 am

Name:Chikara (Translation = Force, Strength, Energy)
Command:Roar Chikara!Hanarete watashi no teki o oshimasu! (Translation: Push my foes away!)
Shape:None, Zanpakuto completely disappears into the air.
Element:Pure Reiastu

With the activation of my Shikai, my Zanpakuto disappears entirely, but my spiritual Pressure increases intensely, far past that of any normal Shinigami of my level.
Drastic increase in spiritual pressure causes my opponents movements to slow. (As if gravity was increased.)
Following such, Reiastu surrounds my fist and feet causing the power of my blows to be increased immensely.

Shikai's range is limited to only a few feet in front of the user. Blades that come in contact with the body easily slice through it. And the overall power of the shikai is determined by Spiritual Pressure.

Zanpakutou Spirit:
My Zanpakutou's spirit is a dark shadow, no face or true figure. It looks as if its a bloody mist with dark red piercing eyes.

Inner World:
The entirety of my inner world is under water, with hundreds of very large and think chains big enough to run on extruding from various directions. Despite this however, its incredibly bright, almost as if there is a sun under the water, and is somehow uplifting.
Upgrade Type:
1st upgrade ( 2nd Ability):
The ability Focus the spiritual pressure into larger forms of Sho. Except far more destructive and quicker, able to destroy solid rock walls. ( Sort of like Fuuton: Air bullets from Naruto).
Unlike Sho, its short ranged, and like Sho its narrow and only able to be focused into cylinder shapped forms.
2nd upgrade (Third Ability):
The ability to exert pressure in a sphere from ones body, allowing momentary reflection of projectiles or single (one hit) close range attacks. ( Like Neji's rotation, except not as long, and invisible.)
Drains energy quickly, Only able to use a few times.

Release: Hāden watashi no ken no hifu wa, watashi no mawari no chikara o shiyō shite, hanarete, subete watashi no teki o pusshu! (Translation: Harden the skin on my fist, Use the force around me, and push all my foes away!)
In Bankai form instead of the sword simply disappearing, it instead gets absorbed by my body, and this is shown by the sudden appearance of one large blade extruding from the top of each of my arms, and several bladed spikes extruding from my spine.
In Bankai form, my Spiritual pressure is increased tremendously and my speed as well.
Main ability:
Able to exert previous Sho like pressure from any point of the body, and this pressure has become far more devastating and no longer is limited to a single narrow area.
if a sword does make contact with my body, it could slice through it like butter. Also, if by some miracle im facing someone who's spiritual pressure is still greater then mine, even after the boost. All of my power is virtually useless.

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Re: Ishanawi, Yatsu's Custom Zanpakuto Application.

Post  Maxdax222 on Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:36 pm

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