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QE application

Post  Ranju on Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:31 pm

[Name] Ranzu Ritcher

[Key] Wargrunte

[Age] 18

[Level of education] Highschool, with some college courses

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] About one. Not much more to say, as this is the only Bleach RP game that is actually interesting and not so broken.

[Previous figure positions] Well, I was a Senior Captain the first wipe I played, then the more recent one left me as a the Third Espada.


*1) All role plays must be clean of grammatical and spelling errors. Switching tenses, overuse of certain punctuation marks, lack of punctuation marks etc... is prohibited, and the application will immediately be rejected upon discovery of any such errors.

*2) Your role play must be at least 5 paragraphs in length. Furthermore, each paragraph must contain at least 5 lines. Failure to comply with this format will result in an immediate rejection of said application.

Your Roleplay Subject :

Create a story (in first person) about your character discussing your plans for the wipe. This includes what you wish to achieve - the main goal of your race. This has to be a solid, thoroughly planned story. You may not say 'Wing it', or 'Mingle with other races and decide later.' Your allegiance to other races must be stated within the RP. Also, your plans for the lower ranked players in your race must be laid out as well.

Furthermore, you must (within that story) coherently implement yourself releasing your Zanpakutou or abilities within this role play. Furthermore, you need to create at least 3 new characters in this role play - an antagonist, and two sub-antagonists. Accordingly, you may not 'one hit' these enemies, and you must have your subordinates fight at least two of these antagonists. (Failure to comply with these instructions will result in an immediate rejection and a ban from applying for a figure again for 3 wipes.)

Ranzu peers over the vast plain, watching his target sprinting across it on all fours. "I shall never understand these beasts. Why do they come and go, attacking humans as they please, before disappearing?" the Quincy mused, watching the four legged hollow approach the group of campers ever so steadily. "Alas, I can no longer study thee. Farewell, foul hound." he whispers in a sadden voice, though his eyes harden into a glare. Then, stretching one hand out and pulling back with the other one, forms a glowing blue bow with a arrow notched to it in his hands. Ranzu releases the arrow, watching it soar across the grassy field to strike the hollow in the back of its head, slaying it on the spot.

"Sir, what should we do?" comes a voice from behind him. Ranzu turns on the spot to see one of his two companions facing him with a worried look upon his face. "Quite simple. Take Jun and scout out the group of humans in the valley. Even if I was suppressing our Reistu, it was very much above the normal human's level. Meaning that someone in that group has quite the high spiritual pressure. Find them, and bring them back to the base." The Quincy salutes him, before turning on his heels and heading to the other member of the team, Jun.

Ranzu feels a frown tugging at his lips and drags a hand over his face to help clear his mind. Those beasts were attacking more often, and have gotten even stronger lately, and pose a valid threat to the Quincy, Rolf, running to get Jun. Rolf was of the Tactical division, and his abilities were focused more along the lines of scouting and intelligence, not so much of combat. Jun on the other hand was a member of the Combat division, and like the name suggests, excels in combative abilities. They could handle this by their selves, and to show his confidence in them, turns towards the direction of the base before using Hirenkyaku, seemingly vanishing on the spot.

And then appears in front of a gate belonging to a large, ancient looking tower. "Home sweet home." Ranzu mutters to himself in a sarcastic voice, though a small grin spreads across his face as he pushes the gate open. Entering the tower, Ranzu spots two Combat Division guards on the far wall, and nods his head at them. "Right, Jun and Rolf will be here soon, with a new subject. Prep lab three for containment and contact the Tactical division." Ranzu announces, and one of the guards salutes him before carrying out his orders.

Ranzu walks over to a door and opens it to reveal a stairwell, before proceeding to climb it. As he reaches the fifth floor, the Quincy opens a door and walks down a long hallway, coming to a observatory at the end of it that looks down onto a steel arena. Three others were in there, a head of each division. "Glad you could join us, sir. We were about to test out the subject F's power against a stronger beast." says Kuir, the Tactical division's head. "I have troops on standby and already prepped a secure wing of the hospital." Nomai, the Support division's head, explains. Ranzu nods, giving the go ahead for the test.

Two doors open in the arena, a bat-like hollow flying out of one while a man dressed in white fatigues step out of the other. "As you know, we can train subjects to use spiritual weapons like us. And though there have been only two cases of this, some of the weapons take a form other than that of a bow. Like Subject F's weapon." Kuir explains, as the man in the arena activates his weapon, a rough glowing spear appearing in his hands, which he uses to fend off the flying hollow above him. "The subject does not seem to be able to use spiritual arrows like ourselves. Though he is able to use the spear to slice and stab, much unlike our bows." Kuir continues, as Subject F pierces the wing of the hollow but gets knocked back from a lash of the hollow's tail.

The fight continues for some time, leaving both combatants bloodied and weary. The hollow lets out a screech before tackling Subject F to the ground and tries to bite the man with it's mask. Subject F blocks the bite with the spear, before lashing out with the blunt end and striking the hollow in the mask, knocking it back. The hollow, now enraged, jumps up in the air and tries to crush Subject F with its weight. In a move of desperation, Subject F plants the spear on the ground and points the tip at the falling hollow, allowing it to impale itself on the spear. The fatality wounded hollow gives out one more screech before bursting into spiritual pressure.

"Make sure he is treates, Noami. Then induct him into the Combat division, Thorn. Train him yourself, if you have to." Ranzu commands the heads, who bow before leaving the room. Ranzu sighs to himself, staring down at the arena as medic's rush to Subject F's side. The man would need a new name, thanks to the strict, hellish training process and surgeries he had to go through to gain his spiritual powers. It made people want to forget what they had to go through, what they lost to gain this power. Frankly, Ranzu did not blame them.

Suddenly a explosion rocks the tower, causing the floor to shake and many of the medics below to lose their footing. Ranzu turns towards the stairs and walks down them at a leisurely pace, opening the door to the lobby a few minutes later. The site that greeted him was quite unexpected, as three men dressed in black clothing and wielding swords stood in the middle of a large hole in the wall surrounded by a group of Combat division soldiers who all had their bows drawn. "May I ask why you decided to blow a hole into my wall. Oh, and assault some of my men?" Ranzu asks them, noticing some prone bodies on the floor.

The lead Shinigami yells "Because two of your retards insulted us, that's why!" as he charges towards a soldier, intent on slashing him down where he stood. "Thorn, you need to protect your men." Ranzu comments in the air, as the Combat division head suddenly appears in front of the charging swordsman, blocking the blade with a glowing blue one of his own. The two glare at each other for a few seconds, before suddenly jumping backwards and charging forwards once more, blades impacting with showers of sparks. This carries on for quite a while, as the other two Shinigami decide that now would be a great time to attack the other soldiers.

Ranzu stays still, watching the two attack his men, before speaking "I assume you prepared medics and some of your stronger men, Nomai?" as the woman walks down the door behind him. "You know me so well sir." she replies with a smile, as the one of the shinigami suddenly freezes up before a blue cocoon surrounds him, entrapping the man as three Support division members appear in the air above him. Ranzu nods at the display, looking back at the duel between Thorn and the shinigami. It was clear that Thorn was just toying with the man, letting him wear himself out with fruitless attacks. And then, suddenly, it was over. The man's hands flew away from his arms and was hamstrung in a fluid motion.

"Kuir, send out scouts to find Jun and Rolf. And you, last one, we have two prisoners. You are no longer needed." Ranzu states, to the Tactical division head that just entered and to the last standing shinigami. Ranzu moves back into his firing stance, though this time his bow was quite larger and the arrow thinner, more refined. Pulling the arrow back, he releases it at the Shinigami, and watches it streak towards him in a blue blur. "Ha!" the black robed man says, as he blocks the blade with his sword, "I can block every single arrow you shoot at me!"

Ranzu gives a small smile, before telling the shinigami "Who said I fired a single arrow at you?" to which the man looks down to spot three more blue arrows sprouting from his chest, slowly fading away. The shinigami drops to his knees as blood spurts from his mouth before falling face first to the ground, blood slowly pooling around him. "We have a new race to study. Kuir, while you handle it?" Ranzu asks, and watches as the head nods to him. Sighing with relief, Ranzu turns back to the stairs and starts to climb, heading to the top floor and his office/pent house. He needed a few minutes to rest after today, though he somehow did not expect to get it.

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