Shinji Application

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Shinji Application

Post  Lawpiecla1 on Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:15 pm

[Name] Lance

[Key] Lawpiecla1

[Age] 16

[Level of Education] 9th Grade

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] 1-2 (approximate)

[Previous figure positions] Shinji, Captain, Senior Captain

Your objectives this wipe : My goal would be to promote the one force Vaizards most encompass. Chaos. By making constant alliances, severing them, and declaring war on factions unpredictably, the Vaizards would create chaos all around, with only them realizing their agendas. Their overall goal in all this would be to cripple the other forces, by forcing them into unnecessary battles with one another, leaving them more and more vulnerable to the Vaizards.

Week 1 : Select a few unstable, and previously loyal Shinigami from among the ranks of the Soul Society, and begin to bring them around to my way of thinking. Once successful, give them hollow-like powers, and bring them into a situation where they can experience their new power. Defect from Soul Society afterwards, suddenly.

Week 2 : Escape to Earth, and form an alliance with Urahara, a two-way defense pact, each side agreeing to side with the other in the case of a battle. Begin to battle against Hueco Mundo, dragging Urahara and his people into it, and weakening them. Cut off the battles, and redirect our attacks against Soul Society, again dragging Urahara and his people into it.

Week 3 : Cut off the alliance with Urahara, and ally ourselves with Hueco Mundo. Again, drag them into battles with the other factions, Urahara's forces, and Soul Society itself, weakening their forces.

Week 4 : Cut off alliances with Hueco Mundo, and retreat, letting the three factions continue battling it out for a length of time. Appear to Soul Society, and offer their help in defeating Urahara and Hueco Mundo. Begin to drag them into battles that wouldn't have otherwise occurred, weakening Soul Society as well as the other forces. Withdraw for a time, and wait.

Final Week : Come out with our true goals, and wage war against all three weakened factions, in a bid to bring all three to their knees, toppling each of their systems, and laying low each of their leaders. Kill off any resisters, and take total control.

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