Suidouya's Shinji Application

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Suidouya's Shinji Application

Post  Ferin on Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:59 pm

[Name] Suidouya, Minochi

[Key] Minochi223

[Age] 19

[Level of Education] Pursuing GED.

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] Many... Many years. And the majority of them have been spent on BOR. I intend to allow this trend to continue.

[Previous figure positions] Shinji, Captain Commander, Aizen, Senior Captain/Espada Commander, Event Character.

Your objectives this wipe :

Week 1 : As per usual, I will begin as a normal shinigami. Whether captain of a squad or not, I will leave to the role play to decide.

Week 2 : At the end of week one, I will begin to develops physical signs of 'illness'. Including outbursts of psychosis, with occasional mis-placed laughter. This will symbolize the tangible evidence of the inner turmoil which will also be rolep layed at this time.

Week 3 : At this point in time, the initial hollowfication will occur. A great deal of chaos will be caused within the Soul Society, before Minochi exits through the use of a senkaimon. Depending on the sequence of events, this may occur earlier than intended. A death may or may not occur here.

Week 4 : This is when things kick into overdrive. Minochi will be fully set upon the usage of his new found power to erase the means to destroy it. This includes: Destruction of the research division, assault of the Soul Society, interrogation of the Aizen Figure to determine their intended purpose, and finally, the research of an ace in the hole.

Final Week : This will be left to the events of the wipe to decide. In this stage, the 'ace' will be revealed.
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