Urahara app :D

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Urahara app :D

Post  Shiroyasha on Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:19 pm

[Name] Alex

[Key] Alradaev

[Age] 17 and a half

[Level of Education] 12th grade

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] About 2

[Previous figure positions] Senior Helper of Urahara

Your objectives this wipe : My objection this wipe, is to show Soul Society that Kidouless Shinigamis are something useful, and can be used. The main objection would to lead a war against HM, where the goal is to destroy it entirely, using only Special Humans and Kidouless.

Week 1 : I will first recruit a few Kidouless, and start to mentor them and Fullbrings

Week 2 : I will start training them, and teaching them about the history of SS and HM.

Week 3 : I will see if I can make Kidouless and The Normal Shinis meet, and show them the force of them

Week 4 : I will start sending kidouless to HM, to see how many forces they have, and how strong.

Final Week : I will start a massive war against HM, and SS, defined about relationship.

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