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Magus Chaos (Trace is what I go by in RL, that's the best you're getting)
[Level of Education]
completed highschool, partial college level education
[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]
at least 4
[Previous figure positions]
Shinji, Captain Commander, Aizen, Urahara and Quincy Elder, as well as various captain spots and Espada spots.
[Characters plan for the wipe]
Magus plans to create a 'utopia'. A place filled with hybrids of the various races, be they monstrous or not. He also, of course, intends to create these hybrids, or at least a majority of them, sicne he understands that some CAN happen naturally.

Hollows and arrancar will initially hold the most respect from him, having 'survived in the face of adversity' for as long as they ave, and some even retaining their minds and emotions despite the monsters that they were.

Each and every one of his subordinates will be precious to him ; no random backstabbing from THIS Aizen.


Magus smiled lightly as he held his left hand over his stomach, blood dripping from the wound he'd just recieved. He looked back, seeing the low-strength hollow he'd just prevented from being stabbed by a captain-class shinigamis zanpakuto. "Run, quickly." He'd say, before locking his eyes onto the captain who he'd just stopped. They had a rather curious look to their face ; a mixture of anger and confusion.

"What do you think you're doing, Magus?!" The captain asked, thinking himself to far outrank the black-haired 'kid' in terms of raw power. Magus chuckled, shifting to stand up straight and unsheathing his zanpakuto from its position on his back, a black glow almost immediately beginning to emanate from the blade. "I'm protecting the weak and destroying those that would harm them. That's what I said my goals were when I was taken into your squad, remember?" He'd ask.

The captains face went from the mixed look it had had to one of straight rage. "I see ; a traitor, then." He'd state, shifting as he motioned for two other shinigami ; his lieutenant and his third seat, to go forward. "You two handle his execution here and now." He'd say. The pair nodded and rushed forward, apparently agreeing wholeheartedly that something was wrong with the man before them.

There was a snap and a burst of reiatsu ; a large garganta gate had opened in front of Magus and in it stood two large hollow, humanoid in shape. Vasto Lorde.

"Kill them ; I'll handle the captain." He paused, looking to one of the two that had stepped from the garganta and that was rushing the lieutenant. "Be careful, Hanzo." He'd say simply before disappearing momentarily, making use of shunpo to end up next to the captain.

A flash of steel, ending with sparks ; both Magus and the captain had swung their zanpakuto, and the result was a clash of blades, and a stalemate. Both men took a step back, and slash upon slash was unleashed by them both, many clashes of blade agaisnt blade were the result. Soon enough Magus was finding several more small cuts on his body and so he opted to use his left hand now ; raising it, e charged reiatsu into it and grinned. "Something I've picked up from the hollows." he'd say. "Is that an overcharge of reiatsu ina single attack is dangerous, yes... but effective." As the crimson flame formed the captain frowned. "Hado number thirty-one... Shakkahou." He'd say. No time to dodge for the captain, no time for Magus to avoid the blast. Red flames exploded between them both.

As the dust cleared from where the two had landed it was obvious that neither was done yet; both already standing, releasing more reiatsu. the captain had already activated their shikai, and was rushing Magus while spinning an odd kusari-gama style weapon.

"Getting all riled up so soon, sir?" Magus asked, chuckling ; his face, however was still rather pained. So he opted to, instead of facing the captain further, perform shunpo and begin running towards the two Hollows he'd brought into the fray. He found that... Hanzo had not been careful, and now lay dead. However, both of the shinigami had died, and the other hollow still stood strong. "We're leaving." Magus said. As the hollow tried to say something else, Magus just shook his head. "We're leaving." He'd repeat. With a snap of his fingers a garganta appeared and he dashed through it, the hollow following. Both were swallowed just in time to avoid being cut down by an attack from the captain.

I did NOT go shikai or release at ALL in that RP... because my character didn't tihnk he could win, and because I wanted to start off rogue and be known as a 'traitor to soul society' from the get go if I got the figure.

Plus... we can't all, always win ALL our fights, right? Gotta bravely run away, away. Sometimes, at least.

Your objectives this wipe :

Week 1 : Cause trouble to some small degree, recruit hollows and others willing to join my characters cause.

Week 2 : Same as week one, potentially make additional Arrancar aside from the Espada leaders.

Week 3 : Have at least one additional Espada, be at war with SOMEONE.

Week 4 : further IC war, have there be as many arrancar as there are RPers deserving it.

Final Week : Ultimate takeover style stuff ; try and finish whatever IC conflicts there are, attempt to get evil to win for once. All depends on how the wipe goes, really.
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