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Urahara Application

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[Harada, Haru]




[I've some experience with Bleach RP games, for instance WOTS and Odyssey. The first Bleach RP game I played was Last Horizon about three years ago. Though I must say I barely rp'd Bleach at the time and switched between Naruto and DBZ whenever I felt like it. I've lately gone back to Bleach a bit for the fun of it. The last time I played Odyssey was one year ago, or something like that. And I played the last two wipes of WOTS.]

[None on Odyssey, though I was a Captain on the last WOTS wipe.]


*1) All role plays must be clean of grammatical and spelling errors. Switching tenses, overuse of certain punctuation marks, lack of punctuation marks etc... is prohibited, and the application will immediately be rejected upon discovery of any such errors.

*2) Your role play must be at least 5 paragraphs in length. Furthermore, each paragraph must contain at least 5 lines. Failure to comply with this format will result in an immediate rejection of said application.

Your Roleplay Subject :

Create a story (in first person) about your character discussing your plans for the wipe. This includes what you wish to achieve - the main goal of your race. This has to be a solid, thoroughly planned story. You may not say 'Wing it', or 'Mingle with other races and decide later.' Your allegiance to other races must be stated within the RP. Also, your plans for the lower ranked players in your race must be laid out as well.

Furthermore, you must (within that story) coherently implement yourself releasing your Zanpakutou or abilities within this role play. Furthermore, you need to create at least 3 new characters in this role play - an antagonist, and two sub-antagonists. Accordingly, you may not 'one hit' these enemies, and you must have your subordinates fight at least two of these antagonists. (Failure to comply with these instructions will result in an immediate rejection and a ban from applying for a figure again for 3 wipes.)

''. . .'' , a man with dark brown hair stood on the edge of a cliff. His hands placed on two objects that were struck into the surface that the man stood on. ''Our plans are reaching the final stage. Wakube, Tatagami.'' , However I did not know of this moment, not until it was told to me months later. And thus the three figures dressed in black were unknown to me. ''Soon we will go to the living realm, a place where we can continue our experiments. Nobody will be able to stop us from achieving my goal.'' , the three figures continued to stare into the sunset while a group of Menos Grande roared behind them.

I was working as a regular Lieutenant at the time, under the third Division. My name being Harada, Haru. I never stood out that much, my Captain was always the one who did that for me. And the third seat who worked directly under me finished my lines before I could finish them myself. Our Captain asked for the two of us to follow him, confused and unknowing of the topic asked what was going on, but I didn't get an answer. I saw three figures in the back, the men dressed in black just like myself stood there waiting. ''Greetings Harada-San, I've been waiting for you.''

''How do you know my name? And who're you?'' , but my Captain placed his hand on my mouth before I was capable of finishing my words. He allowed the man to continue while the three of us stood there. ''There's no time for that Harada-San. Right now a group of Menos Grande are rampaging in the living realm. We need to dispose of them before they cause to much damage and destroy the damage. We don't know why they suddenly came though.'' , I didn't trust the man at all to tell the truth, he didn't wear a Lieutenant badge, not even a Captain's haori. So why did he know of this?

The six of us used a Senkaimon to travel through the Dangai, something I didn't do often. However I saw the Gillians shoot out their large red destructive rays over the town when I stepped out of it. It was only thanks to luck that we stood in the air when we stepped out, otherwise we'd have been blasted away by the Ceros. ''Well, as you see. We need to take care of them right now.'' , the man held something in his hand, though I was unable to see it completely. I saw the helpless humans as they got killed, some of them were capable to see the horrible event that took place. It pained my heart to see it, I had to help them. The strong had the responsibility to take care of the weak.

The three figures suddenly dissapeard. At that moment I knew that something was wrong, I told the third seat to follow one of them. And the I made my Captain track their leader down, I could only hope that I was able to find one of them on my own while I protected the weak. But there was no sign of the figures. I was literally risking my life to fight the Gillians. I purified them one after another but there was no end to them, and that was when I saw it. Far of in the sky a black hole with the three shinigami were watching. ''Garganta?!'' , I rushed of to the them, why did they just stand there? Could it be that they were in control?

''Haha, how wonderfull. You actually found us already. Wakube, Tatagami. . . Dispose of him now.'' , the two shinigami reached for their Zanpakutous, I already had two in my hand. I was in luck, I was one of the few with a dual Zanpakutou. It calmed me because that would put us at even grounds. I braced myself for the incoming attacks, but there was no need for that. My third seat and Captain drove their attacks back in an instant. ''Captain, Taiga!'' , A smile turned on my face while I averted my eyes back at the man in the back. ''You made a mistake to take us here, we'll close that Garganta and bring you to Central Fourty-Six.''

The man with the brown hair was simply laughing, he raised his right hand and took a peek at the two minions. ''Having a hard time Wakube, Tatagami? Sheesh, I always have to take care of you two.'' , the object in his hand started to glow brightly, I closed my eyes. And when I opened them the first thing I saw were his two minions with masks on their faces. ''Hollow masks?'' , I asked the man with a confused expression upon my face. ''Correct, I call this 'Hollowfication'. These masks grant the Shinigami the same power as a Hollow, one of my experiments that became a success. All the Gillians you killed were failures, they started out as Shinigami or humans that I gave strenght. But they turned out to be weak. And so they underwent a failed ending.''

''You. . You monster, the strong are supposed to protect the weak! And we are certainly not allowed to grant others the strenght of a Hollow! So much as do things like this!'' , I crossed my blades and chanted, reiatsu towering around me from my rage. ''Dance, the flower petals of Spring. Shower, the pelting rain of fall.'' , the two weapons changed in form, a chain connecting them all the way around me with five flower petals connected to them. ''Shiki!'' , The man shot out a thin ray from his finger tips. ''Byakurai?'' , I placed the left Zanpakutou forward, the tip connecting with the Hadou.

And 'Bam'. The petals and chain helped the Byakurai to go all around, strenghtening it to go out of the other Zanpakutou right through the mans chest, it was even faster then before. My Captain and third seat were having a hard time, until they allowed themselves to release their own Zanpakutous. I watched on as they took them down rather fast. But this was serious, I had to continue my own fight before the man was able to escape. Blood fell through the sky from my clothes, I was cut. ''. . . D-Damn it.'' , but at the same time I held the strange shining object in my left hand, and my weapons were pierced in the mans stomache.

''D-Damn you! I won't let this go on any further! Hougyoku, grant me the strength to dispose of these Shinigami!'' , but something went wrong, while his strenght increased he didn't recieve a mask. He turned into a hollow himself, his emotions got the better of him, but he didn't turn into a Gillian. No, he turned into a Vasto Lorde, my eyes turned wider at the sight of it, unable to do anything under the pressure of his Reiatsu. ''Haru, this a direct order from your Captain. You're to destroy that thing called 'Hougyoku' , no matter how long it takes. You'll have to stay on Earth until you're finished with it. I don't want the Seireitei to know about this event. Now go.''

I left the area and went into hiding, whatever happend next is unknown to me. But a month had passed since then, and I had a cover in my own 'Ice Cream' shop. While I tried to destroy the object in my free time aside from fighting Hollows to protect the weak. One strange thing did happen, I found out that the object gave strength to whoever wanted it from the depths of their heart. As seen with a human that I protected gaining the power of a Shinigami for a short amount of time. The longer I stayed on Earth the more I found out about the object. The temptation of using it to give a select few the power to protect their own people, it was eating at me.

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