Bem's CC application.

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Bem's CC application.

Post  Kotaro on Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:31 pm

In-game name: Ryoma Tachikawa

Key: Bemcint

Wipe plans: As Captain Commander, I plan to be fairly well relaxed as far as decorum goes. In the event that the Soul Society is threatened though, the kid gloves will come off. As stated before, Ryoma is a fairly relaxed individual, only taking action when it's absolutely required for him to step in. As such, he's not going to be running off to Earth every ten seconds like certain others. There will be a restriction imposed upon Captains and Lieutenants going to Earth without a valid reason as well, seeing as how high reiatsu levels negatively impact the surrounding world and attract stronger Hollows.

As far as creating RP goes, there will be Captain meetings, lead by Ryoma himself. His chosen Lieutenant Commander will lead the Lt. meetings at the same time, addressing the same issues. Squads will be deployed to Earth as necessary, with a few Shinigami stationed in the living world to handle the Hollows.

Relations with other races: As far as Kidouless go, Ryoma will staunchly oppose their creation. If one exists, he'll not oppose them retaining their powers. However, if more start popping up, the kid gloves will come off as mentioned before.

Vaizards(Visoreds) will also be somewhat of an enigma. Ryoma will start off seeing them as abominations, but their usefulness wouldn't be denied either. Their existence as defined by Ryoma will depend entirely on their IC actions.

Quincy will be handled with utmost care. He'll try to explain the direness of the situation, as far as wantonly destroying Hollows. If they refuse to listen, then Ryoma will likely begin building a quarantine zone for the Quincy in hopes that they can't break out until negotiations are complete.

Hollows will be ordered to be destroyed on sight, as far as everything else is concerned. This includes Arrancar when they come along.

Week One Goal: To attain two Captains of competent ability in the Combat Division, and the R&D Division. I plan to attain this by taking aside good RPers and giving them personal training as to increase their personal power. Lieutenants will also be positioned in four squads from the get-go in order to establish RP for the lower ranks.

Week Two Goal: To have established contact with spiritually aware humans, informing them of the dangers of the wanton destruction of Hollows.

Week Three Goal: By this time, the Aizen should have started operations. My goal at this point will be the fortification of Soul Society's defenses, by having at least six Captains and their Lieutenants to supplement the Seireitei's overall powerbase.

Week Four Goal: To have a total of 8-10 individuals besides myself capable of using Bankai to better combat active threats against the Seireitei.

Week Five Goal: To have established an overwhelming victory for the Seireitei's forces and allies over the antagonist and their lackeys.

The main goal of the Shinigami is to restore them to their former glory. The former Commander died 100 years ago, having reigned in the Seireitei for several millenia before collapsing under the immensity of his own spiritual pressure during his old age and infirmity. His grave was hidden by the now-abolished "Zero Squad", and is a nexus of Reiryoku. The primary goal of the Shinigami will be to oppose the Hollows and their allies, whilst trying to find the grave of the former commander and imbue select individuals with some of the powers it provides.

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