New Shinigami Squad Captain comand

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New Shinigami Squad Captain comand

Post  Sin on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:02 am

This is my idea to help new players out and give the Captains more RP action, k so what I`m doing to be talking about is a way the new soul will know when the Captain are going to be teaching Souls how to be Shinigami.
Ok so, if there was a command called, ``Soul Recruite`` Or whatever else you want to call it, it would give an annoucement to all the souls.(Race View Only) Example: Souls be aware, Captain Sin is now looking to teach souls.

I don`t know it would make these easier for souls to know when there coming so they can wait around and RP more themselfs, and also won`t mess up anyones RP by being a noob and crashing in there during a RP.
That is all though, tell me what you think, sorry if most of my examples made no sense or sounded shitty. xD

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