Full game guide (not race specific)

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Full game guide (not race specific)

Post  Nier on Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:26 pm

Well first and foremost this game is a full Roleplay game if you don't like roleplaying then its not for you, however if you're new to it and want to give it a go then here's a guide to this game.

Starting out
Depending on what race you choose you will be dumped in the starting area for that race as you roleplay, you must fit into the role of the race you chose for example; Shinigami trainees will roleplay training or meeting their teacher or even something more mundane but you must roleplay as a shini trainee you cannot go off on random tangents to randomly acquire bankai or something similar.

There are several basic rules you must follow Both in OOC (Out of character) and IC (In character) The most basic of them are as follows.
  • No IC in OOC, basically don't start talking about What yours or anybody elses characters are doing or have done in OOC chat it is a strike/muteable offense.
  • No all caps rage, you can use caps to emphasize words or something like that but simply capitalizing everything is a muteable offense.
  • No profanity, racism or sexism in OOC. Words such as 'Nigger' or other racial slurs are completely UNALLOWED you will be striked without warning.
  • This game is fully Roleplay so try to avoid attacking other players in PVP unless both sides have agreed to do so, if every should this happen to you try to screenshot it so we can punish the perpetrator as necessary.

Most other race specific rules will be decided by the figures, however there a some rules that are static regardless of figures and they are as follows;
  • A shini who has obtained shikai must RP with another shinigami who has shikai to master it. Shini's must also RP for bankai and gain admin permission to master it.
  • No godmodding, you cannot decide if your attack hits an opponent unless said opponent is not controlled by a player. For example instead of typing "Lea sliced him in half" instead type "Lea then attempted to slice the man in half."
  • All Shini's require the permission of a captain to go to earth, or (although very rare) the permission of an Admin.
    More will most likely be added at a later date.
  • Humans must be OOC level 10 before they can see hollows, shinigami and souls.

Roleplay guide
Roleplaying is actually very simple when you get into it, in order for your roleplay to be considered 'good' you need good grammar and good quality, however some length is also required. The more details you include the better your reward shall be.
Examples of roleplaying

Bad roleplaying - "Takezo eat the pidgeon cos it look good" This would get you absolutely nothing with barely any grammar and terrible spelling.

Still bad Rolepaying-
"Takezo ate the pidgeon because it looked good" although the spelling is much better, there is still little to no detail.

Ok Roleplaying - "Takezo watched the pigeon strut along the sidewalk licking his lips in anticipation of a feast, he hadn't eaten in days and his empty stomache was begging him to leap forward and take a bite. Staying as quiet as possible he grabbed the pigeon and broke its neck with a little twist. Resisting the urge to bite into it there and then he took it to his makeshift camp fire in the park itching to taste a bit of roast pigeon." This is the kind of roleplaying we want to see from you, however it is still possible to add more detail and length.

Excellent Roleplaying "Takezo eyed the pigeon as it wandered down the sidewalk, strutting its tail feathers without a single care in the world. He dragged his tongue across his dry cracked lips wetting them in anticipation of the coming feast, no food had come his way for days and he was starting to get desperate. He slowly crept forward already imagining the various ways he could cook this pigeon if he didn't just straight out eat it raw, hopefully he wasn't THAT desperate.

The pigeon suddenly turned resting its accusative gaze on Takezo, he stopped dead in his tracks returning its gaze and trying to beckon it forward by saying "Here pidgy pidgy." By some bizarre twist of fate it actually seemed to be working, the pigeon hopped forward once and then twice coming to close to Takezo who had actually begun to drool. Just as it came within arms reach he lunged making a desperate grab for it, it leapt into the air as Takezo clattered to the ground cursing his bad luck he'd have to find another one now.

He was surprised to see that the pigeon had not actually escaped it was sat on a nearby bench seemingly mocking him with its gaze. Desperate for something to eat, Takezo lunged once again failing miserable as he bashed his head on the bench the pigeon once again flying away only to land on the ground nearby.

He slowly got to his feet glaring at the pigeon and rubbing his jaw, if that's the game it was playing then he would play a different one. Turning his back he made as if to leave the pigeon alone, just as he'd expected the pigeon grew curious of his sudden dismissal and wander closer just within his range. Turning quicker than he ever had before he leapt upon the pigeon grabbing hold of it even as it tried to get away. With a quick twist of his fingers he snapped its neck and grinned triumphantly, wasting not time he headed into the park towards his makeshift campfire already plucking the pigeons feathers in anticipation of a feast."

More will most likely be added at a later date.

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